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UE 700's vs 10's?

Poll Results: 10 or UE 700?

  • 68% (13)
  • 31% (6)
    UE 700
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I own a set of each, both with the comply tips. The's sound amazing, but 90+% of the time I find myself reaching for my 700's.

I was just wondering if anyone else had some input on a comparison of the two. Here's how I see it:

   Better bass

   A bit clearer

   Slightly more comfortable

   Replaceable cable


UE 700

   Easier to put in, and they work better with the silicon tips

   Possibly slightly better highs?



Even ignoring price, I think I prefer my 700's. Maybe Getting that custom fit modification would change things?

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Do you already have the UE700's? It seems like you do... The TF10's are world renowned for being great IEM's in that price range. Maybe consider an amp?

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I personally find that the TF10 responds well to an amp. 


Getting a reshell will help with fit and help and improve its sound, although it's not going to change the sound signature if that's what you're looking for. 


It also sounds like you're reaching for the UE700 because they're smaller and easier to put in, not because they sound "better" as you pointed out the TF10 is over the UE700.

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after listening to Logitech ultra ear triplefi. 10 and Logitech ultra ear 700
the UE triplefi has a better resolution and a tougher bass, meanwhile the ultra ear 700 deliver a better medium and high pitch
since the triple is earphone is larger than the 700's it is obvious that the bass if better than the 700 but in the opposite the it's difficult to produce a small earphone
that can present the music this good

for me personally i would pick UE 700

UE triplefi 10:
•good bass
•clear voice

clarity/resolution    8/10
treble                     8/10
mid                     10/10
bass                      7/10
size/portability       8/10
comfort              6/10
design                 9/10
price                   7/10

UE 700:
•clear voice (better than the triplefi 10)
•reasonable price

clarity/resolution   7/10
treble                   9/10
mid                      9/10
bass                     5/10
size/portability      10/10
comfort                7/10
design                 8/10
price                    9/10

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Originally Posted by passion-audio View Post

since the triple is earphone is larger than the 700's it is obvious that the bass if better than the 700

I don't think this is true... bigger body doesn't mean better bass.....

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If you value a better fit/ergonomics, the UE700 is the way to go but don't be mistaken....the TF10 is the better sounding IEM.

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tf10 is all about fit, if your fit is right the tf10 would be the ideal choice, just depends on weather or not they fit right.

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TF10 has about the same treble, better bass, they both have airy SS, I think UE700 imaging is slighty better.  

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Ok, I've had my 700's for almost 2yrs and my TF10s for 2 weeks so I might not be in a position to compare....BUT, my first impressions on the tf10s haven't been that promising really... 


The 700s seem clearer (so far), especially with treble and mids..

The Triples have nicer bass, stronger it is but may be a little bit over?



I'm more into instrumental progressive metal (mainly and almost solely Dream Theater), Joe Satriani, Megadeth and classical...and I'm extremely annoyingly keen on details and the 700s haven't disappointed me as yet..They might need more powerful bass (I'm happy with the detail as it is)but that's about it...


When I want to focus on vocals (rarely happens), I go for one of my single drivers, either the UE SF-5 or the cheap-but-not-that-bad SoundMagic PL-50 :)


My only justification to buy the TF10 was the replaceable cable and this exactly the reason why I hate the 700s :(


As for seal, both are doing and excellent job, with the ear-sodomizing triple-flange silicon tips I'm using.


The only difference is that I added a cored comply foams in the tri-flange tips on the TF10's



Anyhow, my vote, at least for the time being, goes to the 700s :)


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