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I guess I would consider my self a headphone newb. I currently have a sony pair that are worth like 20$. I am looking to upgrade, but there are too many headphones out there and I am not sure what would be a the perfect fit for me. So this is what I am looking for.....


*Good Sound Quality

*I would prefer Over the ear headphones

*I prefer noise cancelling, but will settle for non if they block out enough sound.

*Has to work good with mp3 player ( I have Zune HD) & I listen to mostly metal, rock music.

*Spending limit 100$


So thats what I want for headphones, I know its probably impossible to find headphones that are good for under 100$. But anything would be a step up from what I currently have. 

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Originally Posted by ltiry View Post

So thats what I want for headphones, I know its probably impossible to find headphones that are good for under 100$. 


Absolutely false! The Search function will reveal a multitude of threads titled something to the effect of "best headphones under $100", and those threads probably encompass all types, whether it be closed design, open design, bass-heavy, neutral-sounding, and every sound signature in between.


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What do you mean by good sound quality? Do you want it to sound neutral, or to have extra bass? Active noise cancelling doesn't work that well, and messes up the sound quality.


There are many good headphones for under $100. There are ones such as the Sony V6($65) or Sennheiser HD280 pro($75) that are neutral studio monitors which pros also use. If you want a less neutral headphone with more bass, you could try the JVC HAS600($30). Many here love the Creative Aurvana Live($65). I haven't heard it yet. The JVC HAS750($55) looks interesting, however it might not isolate enough for you.  For $95 you could get the Sennheiser HD25 SP2.


There are many others. Give us more information.

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I have never met an active noise cancelling headphone that I've liked.  This is purely from a sound quality standpoint.  When you factor in the extra price, I dislike them even more.  I would suggest that you start researching IEM or closed over-the-ear headphones.  These will block ambient noise without the need of active noise cancellation,

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@Jburn224: I will definitely search for "best headphones for under 100$" ; I guess I thought my options for getting decent ones for under that price would be hard. But I will just have to keep researching.


@JK1: As for sound quality, I wouldn't want them to sound muddy or muffled, things like that. What do neutral headphones sound like? I'm not familiar with them. I would most likely like a headphone that has a little extra bass, but not overpowering bass. I will check out the headphones you listed. Thanks!


@hodgjy: I guess I didn't realize noise cancelling would affect sound quality, if thats the case I probably would not like them. Thanks for your opinions and I will look into closed over ear headphones.

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"What do neutral headphones sound like?"


Neutral headphones don't sound like anything. They play the music the way your would normally hear it without coloring it.

Think of a neutral headphone as being like a photo, while a headphone that is not neutral is like a painting with artist's interpretation thrown in. Some people want the sound colored in a specific way, while others want it natural. In the past I only bought headphones that were very neutral, however recently I bought an inexpensive  extra bass one, the JVC HAS600($30). It is fun to use, however I wouldn't want it as my only headphone. It does have a warm signature overall.


If you just want a little extra bass, then you can get a neutral headphone and boost the bass a bit with the equilizer. An extra bass headphone gives more than a slight boost in the bass. The Sony V6 might be what you are looking for. It is around $65 on Amazon. It has been made for around 30 years. I have had mine for 23 years. It is very durable. The Sennheiser HD280 pro gives more isolation, but is bulkier and less comfortable.


Are you near a Guitar Center? They have the Sony V6, Sennheiser HD280 pro, AKG, and other interesting headphones you can try. I have heard they will match the prices on Amazon. They don't seem to have the extra bass headphones, as musicians don't buy those.

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@JK1: Thanks for explaining. I have been looking around at more headphones, mostly on amazon. The JVC ones you mentioned seemed to be something I would possibly like; but I still want to continue looking. I took a look at the Sennheiser HD280 pros as well; I saw that people were saying it needs an amp depending on which device you use the headphones on..... Is this true? I also came across the Sennheiser HD 202 Professional headphones, do you know anything about those ones at all? And yes there is a guitar center near by where I live, maybe I should also check them out over the weekend.

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Here's what I'd recommend, and why:

Sennheiser HD428: $64.99

FiiO E5: $20.49 on Amazon

The reason I recommend these over the 448 is because there's no difference in the driver, they're actually just less bling-ed out 448s and they're not discontinued. The headphones are a bit inefficient; so the FiiO E5 will add some volume and overcome any issues your Android phone may present you as far as sound goes. You end up at under $100 and you'd be really satisfied. They don't clamp either; I'd recommend the HD280, but they clamp.


One more recommendation:

Sony MDR-V6: $61.07

No amp needed, you can save money with these. The Sonys are legendary for their sound reproduction, they're very neutral monitors and they do a good a job.


Just posted this in another thread.  Those Sennheisers are hidden gold.

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I would definitely recommend bringing your Zune along to your local guitar center more than anything to have a listen and feel the headphones on your head. I find most headphones are comfy enough for music listening sessions. but ya, have a listen for yourself smily_headphones1.gif I doubt there's anything better you can do to get a good idea.
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@Tribestros: Thanks for your thoughts, I will take a look at those. I definitely want headphones that won't require an amp.


@Lllyod: Very true, that would be very helpful if I could test the headphones with my player. 

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The fiio E6 is much better than the E5. The E6 has better sound quality and more power. The only thing better on the E5 is that it has a metal case, however because of the metal case it is double the weight of the E5. I have the E6 and like it, although I would like even more power and longer battery life without increasing the size much.


The Sony V6 is great classic. The Sony 7506 is almost the same as the V6 except that it has a slightly stronger magnet, a gold plated plug, and a longer warranty. Some claim it is a bit brighter than the V6, although any differences are probably quite minimal. The 7506 is what the pros use. You will see it used extensively in recording studios, radio stations and tv and movie production. Many consumers  buy the V6 since it is around $25 less than the 7506.



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are sony V6 & sony v600 the same thing? or are they different?



also i would like your opinions  on these headphones http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD448-Closed-Circumaural-Headphone/dp/B002DGTGO0/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1325277601&sr=1-1

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The V600 is much worse than the V6. It has muddy bass. You should be able to find the V6 in a musical instrument store like Guitar Center or Sam Ash. The Sony MDR-7506 is almost exactly this same as the V6, however it is around $25 more. it is the version the pros use.

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