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J3 - ? - M50

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I'm looking for the best portable amps under $250 that i could use to power the ATH-M50 headphones using the headphone-out of my Cowon J3.


In the meantime, I'll look for posts about amping the M50.


Thanks in advance.

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Considering: iBasso T5, Fiio E11, PD XM4

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would the ibasso T3 be overkill?  better?

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After researching my options, I actually arrived at that same conclusion - the T3 is great for my needs. Thanks for the recommendation. Great minds think alike beerchug.gif

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I have the ibasso T3. Its a great little amp.


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Don't be surprised if you hear very little improvement to the M50 with the T3 -- not saying the T3 is not good, because it is one of the best amps available under $150, IMO.  But the J3 does such a good job by itself, you may find the T3 doesn't do much on top of the J3.

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Good to hear, Expatin.


Yeah, I actually just got that same comment on another thread. I guess I just assumed the M50 needed more amp to maximize its potential, but I listen at low volume levels and maybe the M50 just isn't my headphone. I think I may just go the customs route and avoid headphones/headphone amps altogether. 

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Its a valid point, I tried to point out to another hi-fier that maybe he doesn't need an amp (he has an iPod touch) and I suggested different headphones/IEMs or apps.


If you don't need the power, theres no point in getting an amp really.

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A big part of my interest in this amp was to try out amps in the first place - the T3 just has an added benefit of being relatively cheap. I hear a lot of talk about amps and it makes me want to see what all the fuss is about. But realistically, I want as little bulk and complexity as possibly in my portable "rig", so I think I'll stick to the classic Dap-Headphones setup.

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