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Rockbox question

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1. Can I customize the menu? 80% of all the features and catagries I don't use at all like radio, pics, album, artists.... I only want to browse the music like I would browse on a computer through the "file view - music".

2. Every time I turn on the fuze, it resume the music automatically, I want it to be on "last played" screen but not play it right away.  


3. Is there a way to make fuze stop playing autometically after the earphones are unplugged?

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Cant you put it on sleep or pause it?

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What menu are you talking about, because the main Menu has Files, Database, Resume Playback, Settings, Recording, FM Radio, Platlist Catalogue, Plugins, System.

But if u want to be able to just navigate the music, us ethe Database, i guess that would be easier for you.



2. For disabling Automatic Resume: Settings > General Settings > Automatic Resume > Automatic resume > No.

Fiddle around with your player man, all features are set in a very easy way for u to use, even if u did not read the Manual. But i'd say, please do read the manual ASAP.


3. There's no way to do in Rockbox on that Fuze, and not even on the original firmware.




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Thanks, I already figured most out, the menu is the one left by the original firmware, I either hid or deleted them in rockbox.


The only problem is that when the fuze boot up to the last song played on the microsd, if I click the nipple, instead of going to the directory of microsd it will skip to the directory of file view, which is annoying since most of my music is on the sd card.


Another thing is I want to be able to boot to rockbox with any button like my nano4.

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As an embarrassing question, I can't even register on Rockbox.org to post a problem with my Sansa Clip+.  The registration screen keeps telling me I answered the verification questions incorrectly. 


I can see and type the Capcha words fine, the only ?? is the requirement for an input that states "Enter the following phrase - no spam"...what does this mean??

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