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Originally Posted by kanwingshing View Post

Unfortunately yes

Very, very sad news indeed!  :(

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Originally Posted by kanwingshing View Post

Seems like crossfeed is one of the most debatable effect in headphone listening experience. I think it boils down to how you begin your journey as an audiophile. If your journey begins with speakers, it would be easier for you to appreciate what a good crossfeed software can do for you. However if you have only enjoyed the experience of good headphone all your life, then it might be harder to understand crossfeed. So what's ur background? Cause you might be satisfied with your music experience straight from Realplayer and forget about the whole thing about crossfeed.


Hi i do not know.

I just challenge everyone to listen to a movie/tv series with a lot of dialogues for more than half an hour

In the best case i want to throw the headphones away ... i get even claustrophobic for this in the head sound

with music the effect is less dramatic ... but still the issue is present.

This for me is the biggest drawback of listening through headphones, very clear when you listen to dialogues watching movies

Unbearable after a while

Kind regards,  gino

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there are some interesting software to try out. Indeed coming from good speakers, including studio recording, and having always found it semi-impossible to mix anything on headphones, I'm also looking for a solution.


Not being that clever with computer audio and all the special driver&plugin stuff, can clarify which software would work with standard Windows drivers, so any audito source, espeically Tidal, would work for me? I tried https://fongaudio.com/out-of-your-head-software/ which works like this but didn't like the sound. And then there was a plugin what only seemed to work with Foobar2000. Please advice. 

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I like & use the built-in Crossfeed component of JRMC.

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:darthsmile: There is a solution : Sennheiser makes  over ear closed headphones also open both  Bluetooth and Loseless  from a room transmitter.

I had bought the Sennheiser RS 180 open wireless which is great for music and had the same  problem.  

Reading that Sennheiser   wireless , closed RS 195 have 3 settings one for movies, one for music and one "regular stereo" I bought them.

I found them great for video and even better for music.

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Having in the past read about Foobar, with all it's tweeks, I as a newbie to audio software wase (em) wary to download, but having  read of other  software  it seems foobar is great.  My system is desktop pc and I'd like to try downloading a plugin to have crossfeed.  Is there a default setting for dummies?  which includes crossfeed?

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