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For Sale: Meier Audio CORDA 2STEPDANCE

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Bought brand new from an authorised seller in Aus(headphonics)to use with my solo dac which is for sale as well. May not need to comment on this very nice little portable amp there is a long thread in the portable amp section if you are insterested.


Find myself getting less time on headphones(The fever has gone), I would send the amp to someone who appreciate it rather than let it sit on the desk and get no used.


4-5 months old, mint condition, about 40hrs working time, has never ever got any problems, mint condition. Comes with a mini-mini cable, I will throw in a good quality LOD for free. SOLD shipped worldwide,no paypal fees or its at my cost. 



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I wanna buy it!

but I'm from Russia, how can I pay fot it and what's the shipping system is involved? can you send me the reply on my email? I'll apresiate! 


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I want to get this product. I am living in Turkey. Would if I get a product you can ship them to Turkey? The product does not have any problem? The purchase, and how to do that? on any site like ebay?

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 I can buy a new one with price 359 . Do you want to drop your price?>

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