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Originally Posted by John In Cali View Post

HTF600 is supposed to be the XB500's bass with good sounding mids and highs.


No, not the same amount of bass at all. XB's have much more.

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I'm seriously contemplating calling sony and telling them to listen to xb500 and recondsider the price. They are, pardon my french, ******* incredible! 

But I'm just a huge basshead, hence the name.

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im getting my xb500 tomorrow im so excited because i loved the xb300 they were awesome and durable untill my dad messed them up (long story dont ask) but anyway i had my xb300s on some rides like the boss (six flags) other rides not any upside down rides i got  them for amazon for cheap like 58 dollars and im really excited

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I have the XB1000's, they are muddy, clouded and extremely fatiguing. Bass extends low, but theres very little of it, there's also 2 spikes in the treble which prevents me from turning the volume up higher. The XB700 are still bright with one spike and higher distortion than the XB500 and XB1000. Unfortunately the XB series (like me) will probably disappoint you, with muddy midbass and too little sub bass. The XB500 are probably the best of the XB series
I'm going to return my XB1000s and suggest you look into the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm, the 770s have a upper treble spike but it is considerably less fatiguing than the spikes in the XB series.

Freq response charts below of the XB series:

XB1000(note 2 peaks around 1.2khz and 2.5khz )

XB700(note higher distortion and treble peak at around 9khz)

XB500(probably the least fatiguing of the XB series although lacks resolution due to its massive rolloff)
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Originally Posted by dooodstevenn View Post

have you listened to both? I keep reading reviews that go back and forth, some even compare directly to xb500's saying they dont give as much deep low bass as the 500, they do give better mids and highs than the 500. then....others say terrible, very muddy bass vailed mids and highs, but the ones i have read so far have no direct comparison to the xb500..i was very happy with the bass of those, just everything else was too grainy sounding =\

I have both in my house. The XB500's have more bass for sure, but it's not great quality. The HTF600's have good bass, a bit loose, but good and they have great mids and highs with very good soundstage. The XB500's don't sound good to me. Just pounding low grade bass with very comfortable pads and good style.

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i own a samsung flight 2 the bass is awesome out of the phone for an non android device

 i manly use the equalizers

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Originally Posted by JK1 View Post

How do the JVC HAS600 <...> compare to the Sony XB500 <..>?

I know this is an old thread, but thought this reply might still be useful for some. 


I'am using E6 on neutral preset (all EQing done in source as I find FiiO to recess mid-bass too much)


Sub-bass: when EQed both HPs can deliver ridiculous amount of it, they are very close but it seems that XB500 pulls it off  more easily.  I mean, it has more energy left for foreground music when there is serious bass in the background. 


Mid-bass: No surprises here, XB500 has better response for it. 


Mids: Both cans have them recessed (S600 being U shaped while XB500 mids and highs are close to each other).Proper  EQ can eliminate it almost completely, but surprisingly for me, it seems that EQed XB500 has better sounding mids than EQed S600, I assume this is partially due to better mid-bass response (helps to seperate mids and highs) and beacause of the, how I previously mentioned,  bass being reproduced more easily (even if it's routhly the same amount of it) leaving more space for proper sounding of EQ boosted mids.  


Highs: On flat EQ S600 wins (U signature), but when EQing things there pretty much even up. 


Soundstage: No exceptionally wide, but still  noticebly better on XB500s.


All things considered, while both HPs are great,

 XB500 is still overall a better sounding can,

you need to know how to use EQ but once you get there decent SQ is guaranteed.

And as for a portable over-ears, it's really hard to find an alternative for S600,  for $35, these are trully insane. There are very few, if any, portable over-ears which could beat S600s bass-wise (XB500>=S600>DT770 80), regardless of the price. It's quite a great combo to have both S600 AND XB500.

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