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Hey guys,


I just had an incredible repair experience with Brian at BTG Audio.  I had a pair of Etymotic ER-6is and originally just thought a reterm was needed. Brian took the time to reterm them and test them out and notify me that one driver was completely out.  He refunded me the repair money and shipped them back to me, only for me to find a spare driver from a family member.  I had both pairs shipped back to him and he spliced two pairs together and retermed them with a very high quality jack.  Not only is the work beyond my expectations in quality (you can't even see the driver splice) but his shipping time and customer service were unbelievable.  He gave me estimates every step of the way and he kept me in the loop during every step from receiving the package, to work being finished, and finally with return shipping.


Great job and highly suggest if you need work done, go with Brian at BTG Audio.

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Indeed, Brian is a class act.  Fast responses and very fair prices.  I saw a picture of a recabled Klipsch Custom 3 and my jaw fell to floor.  I thought is was nearly impossible - until now.


It's a known issue that the stock Klipsch Custom 3 (C3) cable will kink and stiffen over time, leading to channel failure. A pity since the sound signature is what I've been searching for.  Take in consideration that the C3 original price was $299, but can be found used every now and then for under $100.


You see, the C3 is very special to me despite the stock cable issue.  Out of the long list of mid and top tier universal IEMs' I've owned, it's the C3 that I've owned the most (5 times); had it reshelled twice, a negative experience that I'll never endure again with the long waits, refits, and issue upon issue.  The roller coaster ride of absolutely loving the sound, but hating the cabled resulted in the multiple sale/purchase.


For $35 to recable the C3 is nothing short but a miracle and a true bargain. I also purchased his latest Sunrise cable and it equaled Brian's impeccable service and attention to detail.  Needless to say, I'm proud to finally say that these C3 are permanent keepers.


Lastly, the 3 week wait period ended to be half that from the point of order.  Brian has my highest recommendation. He's my "Goto" for all my future headphone/cable needs.


Here's some eye and ear candy:

700  700


700  700

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After my cat decided to chew my RE0's cable in half I sent my headphones to Brian for repair.  Brian was quick to reply to emails and his work is top notch.  Highly recommended!

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Brian re-cabled my AKG K 240 Sextett headphones.  He did a fantastic job, great communication, and offered expert advice. Brian also made a LOD dock for my portable rig that really displayed his craftsmanship. I highly recommend him!!!700

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Brian re-cabled my Fostex T50rp to a balanced dual entry. He also installed Sure 840 pads. Very refreshing down to earth approach to recabling. Great prices, impeccable workmanship & fast turnaround, but the real story here is that his work totally transformed these phones.  This was to be the first step before modding these phones and now I'm doubting that they really need any further mods...

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Brian is a cable making ROCK STAR.   I asked B to make a adapter cable for me fast - I was talking about asap.  He sent me the invoice, I paid the money and the cable was made in the matter of minutes.  


I'm going to use Brian for my Denons, 1840s re cables.   

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Definitely interested in BTG.  Anybody get an HE-6 hardwire done by Brian?  I was hoping to find out if he puts some sort of strain relief at the area where the cable leaves the earcup.

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Brian just finished recabling my Shure SE530s and did a phenomenal job. The workmanship is impeccable. He was very patient with all my pesky questions and addressed all my requests. He's upfront, very communicative, and is very flexible. The service he provides is a true bargain, and I look forward to sending him more work in the future. I'm so glad I found him through Head-Fi, or my Shures would still be sitting in a drawer somewhere.


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Thanks Brian  -  Great work....  Great customer service as well.









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More good work from Brian.




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Brian did a great  job on my Shure SE 530's. Applied the true test (Heads in Mississippi -ZZ Top). Great fix for the crappy stock cables that crack & break. His workmanship is fantastic!


Todd (Minnesota)

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Another happy customer:) Brian replaced the stock cable on my SE-530's and they look and sound great!  This was a very cost effective solution to my broken stock cable issue.  Thanks Brian!  Here's a quick photo from my cell phone.....



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Originally Posted by jf4828 View Post

Another happy customer:) Brian replaced the stock cable on my SE-530's and they look and sound great!  This was a very cost effective solution to my broken stock cable issue.  Thanks Brian!  Here's a quick photo from my cell phone.....


Almost a duplicate of the above post...


Just got my Se530's back with the same "midnight-black" cabling, except I got the upgraded VIABLUE mini connector.


Totally satisfied with Brian's services.

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Got my Midnight Cable from Brian.  My first reaction was WOW after Plugging it in. Instantly heard the difference in quality vs. the stock cable that came with my V Moda M 80.  Music came to life with the new cables.  Great build quality on the cable which was very solid and looks like it'll last a life time.


Brian's service is top notch and delievey time is lighting fast.  Brian has been really patient in answering my questions and explaining my options for the cable.  I'm planning on ordering a few more cables from Brian. 

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For those who got a recable for their IEMs done by BTG, can I ask if his sunrise cable works well with flushed or recessed IEMs?

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