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Figured I would repost this from the BTG Starlight and Sunrise cable discussion thread:

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I was speaking with Brian recently and he's had a few new developments I thought I'd share.


- First is his backlog, he's recently gotten it down and is pretty much caught up.  Turn around time is currently about 2 weeks.


- He will be offering Astell & Kern compatible 2.5mm balanced termination.  I believe he will be using the very nice Eidolic plugs that have become quite popular amongst several custom cable manufacturers:



- He is now taking pre-orders for his Starlight CIEM cable with MMCX connectors. These MMCX connectors are overmolded for clean, sleeker and professional look. As far as I'm aware, no one else seems to over these overmolded.



Here is the preorder page:!/Starlight-MMCX-cable-*PRE-ORDER*/p/46669337/category=12112619. Pricing appears to start as low as $102 with standard termination and unsleeved.  Personally I think the Starlight cable looks sexiest unsleeved.  For those that don't know, BTG now uses an ultra thin Y-split that replaces his bulkier version from earlier Starlight production. I have one of the newer 2 pin Starlights with Rhodium Oyaide RA, no sleeving and the ultra sleek Y-Splits and it is fantastic looking on my Legend R.  I'll have to get some pics up soon.


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