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A few things I think are notable:


1. Top notch service - I got one on one attention to make this work for me, so I didn't have to ship the headphones back and forth. Very much appreciated.


2. Quality workmanship - This 4 wire braid is very well done. Completely even start to finish. It looks really sharp


3. The wire itself - I'm not much of a fanatic for wire changing sound qualities. I think it does to some extent, but not to the point where its worth spending $300 on a cable for cans that cost $280. This cable made my K501 sound warmer and smoother overall. They had a sense of "texture" I've never heard from any headphones I've owned. I was quite shocked. 


4. Speed - Very fast turnaround time, especially considering this was customized for me. 

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I've had my SR-80s for a almost a decade now, and they are used daily. Had them repaired at the factory for a broken cable; second time around to address the same problem, I decided to upgrade instead of just replacing with the same stock cable. Went with BTG  after reading the reviews on this thread, and I am completely satisfied and agree with everyone else's sentiments here.
  • Great communication every step of the way. Extremely patient, he answered all of my questions before I sent off my headphones, and kept me updated during the process. Completely honest, and wasn't looking to upsell in any way. 


  • Beautifully done job. High quality components. Even repaired some cracks for me that happened in transit.


  • So much better than a factory cable repair; upgraded and customized for nearly the same price.


  • Very fast turnaround, despite being on the opposite side of the country.
Highly recommended. I will be using his services again in the future.
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Also had a cable made by was excellent and an awesome price!


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I hired Brian to mod my JVC DX1000 headphones.  He did an incredible job and far exceeded my expectations in every way.  I can't recommend BTG audio enough.  WOW!




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Hello guys,

just want to tell you Brian and service at BTG-Audio is absolutely top noth!


I had a probem with my SM3 v1 the right channel kept cutting out.  After some brief

emails with Brian, he gave me my options and I sent my earphones.


I must of gotten luck cause I sent them on Saturday and he got them on Monday.

Communication was excellent throught he said he was in receipt of them and immeidately went to work,

He made them able to work with removable cable and emailed me links to pictures

(like this rather then just give verbal status.


He also fitted them with his own BTG audio iem cable which turned out to be very nice and high quality.

I just got them back yesterday and they are working great!

I can't recommend Brian any higher , great work , terrific turnaround time with level of service I got was just unheard of.

I love how he follows up on everything, as consumers we're the ones that end up chasing people but this time its

the other way around like it should be


Thanks again Brian!!  I'm enjoying tunes as I type this thanks to you.

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Wow, I just discovered BTG Audio... they offer some neat services, and their prices are very hard to beat.


Their website is awesome! too

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(I am not the real Rick Ross) I got my K550s modified by Brian and I was extremely pleased with how fast the job was done, I will use his service whenever I need a recable and/or mod.
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I was looking into recabling my Denon AHD1001's. I found a link to Brian's website in a thread here on HF so I thought I would look into what he had to offer.Website looked pretty good and we initially traded a few e mails with basic questions.Brian follwed up with an e mail to me a week later to see if I had additional questions.


What impressed me about Brian was the information on his website and his overall knowledge about a pretty wide range of headphones. We have traded many e mails about performance of various models as I am always in the market for new cans. His feedback to me was spot on.


1. Excellent customer service - He gets it,he was open to different options for me and I felt very comfortable letting him make a few decisions on the recabling he thought was best once he recieved and did some research. Pricing was very reasonable as well.


2. Quality workmanship -  The quality of the 8 strand he used looks great. He forwarned me that recabling would not transform the overall sound of my headphones but I have noticed in the short time I have had them back that the sound seems fuller and more textured. They also look really good. 


3. Speed - Very fast turnaround time, He undercomitted on turnaround time(a week to 10 days or so) and over delivered, (about 6 days) 


If you are considering a recable, Talk to Brian before you overspend elsewhere




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Just got my DT880s back, and I'm very satisfied with price, quality, and willingness to do custom work on a 1-on-1 basis. Turn-around time was fast, I think it was under a week to send them off and get them back... As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, and may my '03 DT880s have another decade of life in them!:



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I sent my Koss KSC75's to Brian to have them re-cabled, got them back to days after received by him and the re-cable is beautiful and solid.

  • I went with the second option of the cables which is better than the basic one.
  • The termination and material used are top notch
  • I just got a set of KSC/35's off Ebay and will have them re-cabled by Brian.


Brian communication is excellent, responds to email quickly.


Here's pics of my Koss KSC75's modded by Brian.




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I just got my Yamaha HP1, JVC DX-1000 and Fostex T50rp back from Brian.  All recable to 4pin xlr.  I have to say I'm really impress with Brian's work.  Both the HP1 and DX1k got improvement in SQ.  The Fostex is going to LFF for my second Paradox. 


The HP1 in stock form is a very fun can to listen to.  Superb highs and mids with a little bit of uncontrolled bass,  but given the small size of it its produces big quantity of it.  With Brians mods, the HP1 retain the same high/mids but the bass is just a tad cleaner.  Still not as clean as I wanted it to be but thats another story. 


The JVC also gained better SQ from the recable, not as much as the HP1 but still improved. 


The main reason I wanted to recable them was to use them with my balanced amp, LD mk6 and the soon to ship Schiit Mjolnir. 


Overall I'm very impress with Brian's work and will definately recommend him to anyone that needs modding. 

Pics coming soon...

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Brian was very prompt in responding to my inquiries regarding a problem I was having and I'm really impressed!

Great service too, very nice guy.

I will not hesitate to go to Brian for all my future recabling needs.

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Brian was kind enough to recable my Fostex T50RPs for me. He did an amazing job, given how much I was paying him for. He has really fast communication, and is a great guy to work with. He really cares about his customers, and tries his best to make them happy. In this case, I certainly am happy with the work Brian has done. Turnaround time was ridiculously fast. I swear that Brian overestimates his turnaround times. It didn't even take him a week to finish working on my headphones and have them shipped back to me.


The cable itself is great, it is really really light, and really really flexible. You can barely notice the cable, and it doesn't interfere with you at all. 


All in all, I definitely recommend Brian of BTG-Audio if you need a very reasonably priced cable, don't hesitate to contact him. I definitely will be seeing more of Brian in the future whenever I need a recable job done.


The finished headphones can be found here:


I will add more when the modifications to the T50RP are done.

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I had a pair of Shure SE210's and SE530's. The headphones were great but both pairs had developed  cable problems. I don't understand why Shure put extension cables on both of these headphones. I don't know anyone that used that feature it became the root of my problems. I was plugging the SE530's into my Shure body pack and I was stressing the extension cable based on the fact that it didn't have a right angle connector. I was always moving the cable around and securing it with the belt clip on the body pack to get a decent connection. After a few years of returning them back to Shure I was ready to give up. I googled the "SE530 Cable Upgrade" as a last resort and came across Brian's web site. I couldn't believe that he was able to successfully crack these things open and replace the cable. I also noticed that he had custom right angle connectors. I had nothing to loose so I sent both pairs off to Brian.


As soon as Brian received my phones he was in constant communication with me. He noticed that the SE530's had an imbalance. Not only was he able to diagnose the problem, he was able to source the replacement parts. He stayed in constant communication with me during the entire process. I received both pairs back today. They look great, The imbalance is gone and you would never know that these were repaired. The work looks like they came from a high-end factory. Brian said the phones were a little nicked up and I looked at them and couldn't find a single flaw. I would highly recommend Brian for any headphone cable repair!


Photos of both pairs can be seen here:



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