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This is bad service and inexcusable behavior on behalf of BTG. Two thumbs down. Keep the faith affected ones :)

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Kind of perplexing that knowing you have customers awaiting some kind of response and there's none. 

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While I'm one of the affected, I'll be the sympathetic voice and say that if Brian replied to all of our emails, it would easily take a couple hours out of his day which otherwise (hopefully) would have been spent working on our orders.

Reality is he is a one-person business (not sure if he has hired any help) with on-going studies, catering to an international customer base.

As reported earlier in this thread, when he's not busy his turnaround time is pretty fast. However, it is odd that he hasn't updated his website or blog with more accurate turnaround times or a notice that he isn't accepting any more orders until he has fulfilled the ones he is working on.

Here's hoping we all get our headphones and cables soon!
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Originally Posted by cn11 View Post

Another instance of fully paid, and no replies to recent emails. Hope to not have to get a refund at Paypal.

I was thinking of that few days ago until i read a T&C of the buyers protection, custom orders are not covered if not mistaken. So basically our orders are all custom orders right ? :confused: 

Can somebody enlighten me on this?  

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Everyone I got a response from Brian. He is really backlogged ( 6 weeks on some orders) and apologizes for the delay and not being able to respond.He wants everyone to know not to be concerned and that he is completing as fast as is possible.

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