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Re-Cabled my Shure SE530's with Midnight cable. Very professional job, Quality of Bass has improved noticeably , also sound stage width has increased slightly.


Initially Highs sounded Grainy but after 150+ hrs of burn in (kept them on continuous play for a week) are smooth now.

Very Satisfied.:beerchug: 

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So I've been trying to get a hold of Brian for MONTHS now. I sent him exact details on what I wanted through his "contact form" on his website many months ago and then recently, I tried to e-mail him directly, but have not heard anything back.


Does anyone know if he's still around or still accepting orders? I was expecting a little better customer service in terms of at least letting people know he's busy (on his website) or why there is such a delay.


~ Im2bz2p :)

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I exchanged emails with him couple of days back & he said he had mid-terms coming up, so maybe busy with that. Just try mailing him again after the weekend.

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I've tried emailing him for the past week but no replies. Wanted to order a Fitear cable. Finally gave up but did order some wire on his site. Paid through paypal. Haven't heard anything about the wire shipping. The whole thing is a bummer!
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I ordered 145 ft. of wire yesterday and i just came across this thread... The last comments are bothering me.

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Originally Posted by NicoD6 View Post

I ordered 145 ft. of wire yesterday and i just came across this thread... The last comments are bothering me.

Brian got back to me. I think he was tied up in school. Received my wire. No problems.

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Originally Posted by mordicai View Post

Brian got back to me. I think he was tied up in school. Received my wire. No problems.

Alright! It's very understandable. I'm glad to hear that.
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I'm glad to read this. As of late, I've also had difficulty communicating with Brian. I sent him a pair of D2000s and ES7s in late April. In the past few weeks, I've emailed him at the end of each week (as well as one facebook message) & have yet to hear a response by him. I am becoming a little worried, but I'll give him benefit of the doubt before sounding the alarm. I believe he's just starting college; he's a young guy & these things happen. We are, as I've realized, in the middle of what would be finals for him. I'll update this thread to report on any new communication (or lack thereof) from Brian.

As for now, I recommend waiting until communication from others improves, or if needed promptly, finding another cabling service.

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My wires finally got shipped but it took over a week.
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Brian did an amazing job modding my Beyer T1's with mini xlr.



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I think Brians my new Cable man for ever and ever q.q, I've gotten 2 cables from him and 2 adapters made, he does excellent work and is HIGHLY recommended


if he ever makes a tShirt I think I'll have to get one! 

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Got my Midnight CIEM cable... well just now.





FiiO X3 -> BTG Midnight -> InEar SD-2.

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The first time i placed an order from Brian, there was 20 ft missing of SPC wire. I emailed him to ask if he could verify what happened with the order and i offered him to ship the missing wire with another order i would place (so he could save the shipping fees) since i really liked it. He then offered me to either ship 30 ft of SPC wire with my next order or ship right away the 20 ft missing from the past order.


I left a reminder about the agreement with the second order i recently placed to make sure he didn't forget. I just received it and it is still missing......


His wire is a good value but i am very disappointed with the service (which is weird when i see all the praise about it on this thread).

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I've found Brian/BTG to be absolutely great to deal with, and his workmanship is top notch.


Sorry to hear he's gotten busy with school but for non time sensitive projects I would highly recommend him and use him again. His prices are frankly really cheap for the time it must take to finish his jobs.

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Around 3 weeks and no news on my order yet. Emailed him but no reply..frown.gif
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