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v-moda vibrato/alternative?

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I'm looking for some earphones for my iPhone. I've heard good things about v-moda vibrato but they are out of stock ;/ are there any good alternatives?

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The Sony EX310, Turbine, HSA Crystal, EX600, HF5(basslight compared to others but very detailed in mids and offers extended high), HF3, FXT90 are very good sounding IEMs and offers great bass response.
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what about the dr dre earphones?

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The Dr. Dre Tour offers impactful punchy bass and overall decent soundquality but Turbine are more detailed in mids, highs and offers more deeper, crispier, punchy bass.
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the turbines are a bit too expensive & they don't seem to have  a microphone(?) - I'm looking to spend £100 max

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The Dr. Dre series aren't too fantastic but the turbine didn't sounded too bad. But another to consider and compatible with the IPhone including built in mic is the B&W C5. It does looks slightly peculiar when you wear it for the first time but it is accommodating to most genres of music and is a earphone that is easy to fall in love on first sight.etysmile.gif

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they look good, but a bit too expensive :(

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The Bose IE2 offers great bass response and overall clear soundquality with remote/mic.
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thanks, only £20 over my budget - right now looks like the best choice

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what do you think about Klipsch Image S4i  ?

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