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Best $1000 Amp for Audeze LCD-3 ???

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Hi guys,,,,


I am very new to HiFi. Please help me out!


I am considering one of these to bring out the best of the LCD-3. Please advice me a DAC and Amp to go with! Should i get a buit-in DAC/Amp or a separate one? In the future, i plan buy a Power Amp + CD receiver + Ipod Dock for speakers set up too. So, i think choosing the correct DAC is really important. The budget for DAC is around $800 and $1200 for Amp.


After a long long time of researching,,,I now came out with my reference list. 


A. Burson HA-160 (or the Ds version?) + DAC?

B. WooAudio WA6-SE + DAC?

C. Redwine Corvina + DAC?

D. Violectric HPA V200 + DAC?

C. Rudistor NX33 + DAC?

E. Audio GD Phoenix combo

F. HarmonyDesign Ear 909 + DAC?

G. Peachetree iNova 

H. Darkvoice 337SE + DAC?


I love option A for the budget but no DAC for Power Amp. B,C,D with a good budget DAC would be great. 


What do you guys think......


Thanks in advance buddies.




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Upsss,,,,,,there were viewers but one replied.....Please help me out guys! The more i read the more confusion i have.

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Go for a B22. Those are the best DIY amps and parts will run you about $600-1000.

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I'd say B22 for your price range. Though the Audio gd Phoenix does look like a great match too.

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Centrance DACmini CX will get you started as an excellent solid-state DAC+amp system. Later on you can add some "juicy" tube amp to DACmini's line out. Also checkout DACmini PX which has speaker outputs.



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lets not forget one of the most thoroughly measured and excellent dac/amp combos around.


Benchmark Dac1 - any model depending on your preferences. All models have excellent headphone amp.


Personally this would be my first choice among all options listed in this post.

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I agree on DAC1 is a phantastic combo dac+amplifier,but in my experience with LCD-2 and the benchmark,  although the combo could be satisfying, I can tell DAC1 alone is not able to drive audeze to its best, IMO a lot of current is needed to get the best bass and texture from this cans.

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