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Here's mine


-DacMagic. It's a nice dac but I rarely use it at the moment.

-Used Rega P3. Not that impressed by this one, but I suspect it's mostly because it's not properly set up and the old cartridge a replacement.

-Cambridge audio Azur 640P phono stage.

-Used Stax 303 and a 313. Fantastic headphones! I still own my Akg k701 and a Heed audio Canamp, but It's quite seldom they come to use.

- Used Audioaero Capitole CD-player. It's one of the older version (2001 I think). Excellent cdp and my most expensive audio component so far.


Let's see if 2012 brings a SR-007Mk1 (or 2) and a KGSS(HV?) o2smile.gif. The things is I could afford it at the moment with ease, but I'm going to the military now and then after that I'm of to study abroad. So maybe not the best timing to spend thousands on headphones. But as one of my friends said: "If you got great audio you don't need anything else"




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Sansa clip+

Rocoo P

Fiio E5

Xears Ultraphile


Monoprice 8320

Phillips SHE3580

eSports isurus


Triple.fi 10

Koss KSC75

Xcape IE

and other earphones...

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Hmm, not sure I should admit to what I have purchased blink.gif though just one item on the OP's list would cover the cost of all I have got and then some!
So here goes.

Audeze LCD2 Rev1 transitional model.
JVC Victor HP-FX500 (Purchased in December but arrived yesterday so it counts!)
Denon D5000 (gave them to a friend after I got the LCD's)

Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo Transport/DAC

Ray Samuels Audio SR71-B Blackbird

Custom silver strand interconnects
Toxic cables silver poison balanced HP Cable.

As for best thing I have from that lot? Just can't do it! My motivation this year was to get my end game rig and that I have done, all the components add up to the total for me. I can tell you one thing though, this year nothing will be spent as I see no reason to try to improve anymore on what I have. Never been one to collect. My main purchasing ethos is that I have to have constant use out of what I buy. If it sits in the cupboard it goes!
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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post


say there pal... coud I uhh... borrow some money wink_face.gif



that list is crazy.


easily 10k usd +

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for me, basically everything on my list except the ue 700 and hd 650s was purchased this year.

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AKG K550

AKG Q701

Audez'e LCD-3

Audio-Technica ATH-ES88

Audio-Technica ATH-L3000 (second pair)

Audio-Technica ATH-W1000

Audio-Technica ATH-W11R

Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV

Beyerdynamic DT 1350

Beyerdynamic T1 (for the second time)

Denon AH-A100

Denon AH-D700

Fostex TH-7B

Grado PS1000

Grado PS500

Grago SR325 vintage

Koss ESP 950 (for the second time)

Shure SRH 940

Sony MDR-EX600

Sony MDR1-Q010 Qualia 010

Sony PFR-V1

Stax SR-009

Ultrasone HFI 2200

Ultrasone Signature PRO



Calyx Audio USB DAC

Kashimura TI-19

Onkyo DAC-1000

Pangea cables

Generic speaker wire

Stax SRM-717

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I came to know about Headfi in August 2011 and these are my purchases since then.



1. Sony MDR XZ-700

2. Sony MDR V6

3. Brainwavz M2

4. Fiio E5

5. Fiio E7

6. JVC HAS 700


8. Sansa Clip + ( 32 Gb card seperate)

9. Topping TP20 Amplifier

10.Cambridge S30 bookshelf Speakers

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I think this is my list for 2011


Magnum v2.5

Fostex T50RP

Hifiman HE500

Hifiman HE300

JH5 Pro

Klipsch X10

Vsonic GR07

Unique Melody LW3x6

Hifiman HE4

AKG K501

AKG K601

1964 Ears 1964T

Sennheiser HD600

Westone 4

Fischer Audio FA003

Nuforce NE700x

Panasonic HJE900


PPAv2 amp

Violectric V200


Leckerton UHA4

Fiio E10

Yulong D100

Keces DA151 MK2

Cowon J3

Audinst HUDMX1

Hifiman HM601


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