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Any recent reviews of the Audio-Technica A900X?

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Nobody has mentioned these in awhile. A few people got them, saw like 2 or 3 reviews (very positive) than nothing.

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Seriously right? Still hoping that someone out there will do a detailed review on these, especially with a comparison to the old models. So far all we've gotten are a few people making one paragraph posts of "Gee whiz, you guys, these are totally great!" which is basically the same as knowing nothing. I'll probably buy them myself just to try, but not in the near future.

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The comments I've heard so far have me really intrigued. Stuff like how their clarity is better than their other headphones they have heard and makes all other headphones sound veiled. Also somebody said their friend told them that it was superior in every way to the Shure SRH940. I could use a good closed headphone but the decision is really hard with the Hifiman HE-400 that just came out. And now also you can buy the Grado Magnum drivers separately for not too much money. Not sure what to get next, lol.

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Maybe my memory is a bit faded. I only remember reading a few very vague comments in the AT threads and none of them being comparisons to any other similar tier headphones. If somebody thinks they're better than SRH940's then that is certainly encouraging. "Makes other headphones sound veiled" is kind of perturbing to me however. On the one hand maybe that means that they really do have the aforementioned clarity which bests competing headphones, but on the other hand, maybe that means they have ear-shattering treble which blares over every other frequency, making neutral or even already bright headphones sound "veiled" in comparison. My A700's were like that.

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Originally Posted by AzraelDarkangel View Post

Nobody has mentioned these in awhile. A few people got them, saw like 2 or 3 reviews (very positive) than nothing.



They're difficult to get because of distribution being limited. Basically one or two places to buy from right now and not everyone is wanting to buy a $300 closed headphone with so little access/review just yet. I'm waiting to get mine a little longer, or may borrow it from a friend of mine to at least review until then. But from speaking with a friend who has it, it's a rather special headphone. It has all the beautiful mids & treble of the A900, but a much improved bass response. To me, this sounds like a good balance as I've always had issues with AudioTechnica headphones having too little bass in the Art series, but having great sound stages and mids. This 900X comes along and gives you some good bottom end while keeping a great sound stage and all the gorgeous mids & treble of the Art series in a closed headphone--that sounds really enticing to me. So I'll get one shortly. But I'm confident it's an excellent headphone as an all-rounder.


Very best,

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That's true. I hope it's as good as you're hoping MalVeauX. Sounds very enticing to me as well the way you describe it. I just remembered this post too:




100Hz - Best

90Hz - Best

80Hz - Best

70Hz - Best

60Hz - Excellent

50Hz - Excellent

40Hz - Excellent

30Hz - Excellent

20Hz - Very good

10Hz - Good - Surprised I audibly heard this... and aswell as at 20Hz... could the Sony be stuffed?
5Hz - Heard this aswell...  came with the general 5Hz tone acompanied by faint high frequency whistle at the top of each peak?



Occasionally the extra bass seems to take away from the treble which to me isn't such a bad thing in these cans based on the amount they already have... sometimes it's audibly too high.



That first part sounds delicious. Hopefully the impoved bass and what sounds like the same old hot treble don't combine to make recessed mids again. Even though I keep complaining, I have such a soft spot for Audio Technica though, haha. Their headphones are simply the most beautiful in the world imo.

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I am very interested in the A900x as well. I just got into the audiophile scene only recently, due to gaming, and I was wondering how long does it take for headphone prices to drop. I read somewhere that the AD700s, which I currently use for gaming were about $300 or so (don't quote me on the price) when they came out, and now they go for about $100. How long did it take for the AD700 to come down to $100 and would the same hold true for A900x, generally speaking of course.

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Based on specs I would say its largely a cosmestic upgrade from the A900 however with some very slight changes to the driver....




  • 5-40,000Hz frequency response
  • 40 ohm impedance
  • 53mm driver with OFC voice coil
  • 2,000mW max. input power
  • Sensitivity: 101db




  • Impedance: 42 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • 53mm driver with OFC voice coil
  • Frequency response: 5-40,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100dB


Theres a 2 ohm change and a 1db sensitivity difference

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Originally Posted by cifani090 View Post

Found some!

I was about to respond to this sarcastically, but it turns out there was one thing I'd missed, haha. Don't know if anyone else read this:




Some actually useful and not completely vague info too. I guess it quietly slipped right through the full-size forum due to lack of any replies. It's all the way back on page 13! Interest in these seems to be pretty low outside a handful of people.

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good find,

happy new year!!!

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Is there a chance someone could post an in depth review of these headphones? Currently nothing is listed, and there isn't even an entry for the product!


Here's to hoping.



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My review is coming soon, it's just not quite ready yet.




What I can say now though, is that it's like the SRH940, all the beautiful mids & vocals especially, and a good sound stage (closed), but it has what's missing in most of the art line of AudioTechnica: bass. The A900X has big mid bass and good sub-bass. I can listen to acoustic, vocals, jazz, jpop and turn around and listen to dub step and the headphone is capable, even for a basshead like me. It's quite excellent. And it's finally cropping up on Amazon to be purchased. My only real complaints so far is comfort, the cups are sort of heavy compared to others in the Art series, but they still only use the wing system, the pads are not that soft, they're kind of hard in fact (probably where the bass comes from). But the heaviness makes them feel like they're constantly drooping down, even though they're not. It's just a feeling I get since they're heavy and the weight is basically on your side of head and ears since the wings just keep them from sliding all the way down really. Regardless, good headphone. I highly recommend it at this point for someone who wants a "do it all" closed headphone that isn't a Denon. The vocals on this thing are superb. And I think the A900X replaces the SRH940 in every way.


Very best,

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Originally Posted by MalVeauX View Post



My review is coming soon, it's just not quite ready yet.

Definitely looking forward to that.

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