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Toronto winter meet? [interest check]

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Hi folks, 


Haven't seen your lovely faces ever since my last attendance at a meet, wouldn't mind hosting a meet at the new place.


I'm posting a feeler for now because I start my new job on the 15th, and will have to see how that pans out in terms of schedule, but the meet will definitely be on the weekend (most likely a Sunday afternoon).


Location is a bit of an issue to reach my house--not really accessible by transit, though the Go-train station is 10 minutes away by car, and the subway + Viva will take you within a 5 minute drive to my house. I'm north of the city in Richmond Hill. CLICK ME FOR MAP


I'm not a builder of rigs, so I won't have anything for raffle, but I've got a lot of holiday spirit, space, plugs, 'stations' on the main floor, and can surely supply some social lubrication, if you catch my drift. ;)


So post up if you are able to get yourself to my location, and I'll plan further towards the end of January.

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I would love to attend a meet again. However as you mentioned, location to your house is a little bit problematic unless I am able to carpool with someone.

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I would love to come, only problem is I'm in Ottawa, until mid-Feb. Depending on the date I think I could make it.

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I would definately love to tend. Would be my first time and I think it would be awesome to meet some fellow head-fiers!


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I'm interested if someone's willing to carpool.

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That's a bit out there, but should be accessible via public transit.


As for GO Transit, the train only goes northbound during weekday afternoon rush hour, though there is an hourly bus.


I wonder if anyone can bring a Sennheiser IE8 to the meet, since I'd like to compare it against my CX980.

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Anyone have a Stax amp? I can bring my O2 Mk1 for the meet.

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Id go, if I find a apartment for rent in Toronto lol, but I do not have much audio gear here in Canada, mostly in Russia =(   P.S.: Bit off topic: I would also buy an amp for the HD800 and my T1's if anyone is selling one in Toronto =P

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i will be there

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I'd totally be there!

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Sounds Like A Plan

I'm In

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Interested, haven't seen you folks in ages!

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Count me in!

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I'm in. And I can provide carpool for people close to me ( Im in north york around bayview finch). Could someone here bring your Stax to the meeting? really want to listen to them. cheers
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Originally Posted by Swatcsi View Post

I would love to come, only problem is I'm in Ottawa, until mid-Feb. Depending on the date I think I could make it.

Shouldn't be a problem, since my birthday's mid-February. I'll likely be aiming for a date in March.


Subscribe to the thread, and keep an eye out for updates!

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