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Wanted: Price Check: Recable my Audio Technica Ad900

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Price Check: Recable my Audio Technica Ad900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking into getting my Audio Technica Ad900 recabled, I want to get something quality, but nothing too pricey. My main goal of recabling these is to get a removable cable. Ideally I would keep the old cable even and just make it removable somehow. Let me know prices and options please. 

post #2 of 2, there's a guy there that can recable them, but apparently there isn't enough room to fit a 3.5mm socket in the body of the headphone if you want a removable cable... So I've been shopping for 2.5mm jacks that would work. If you find someone who can do a removable cable mod on these, let me know!

If you don't mind a little tail, he can do a removable mod with a few inches coming out of the headphone still.

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