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Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post


Originally Posted by CJG888 View Post  Thank you for your advice. May I ask which version of TUSB you are using? My control panel (v 1.22.0) has no such options....


I'm using 1.61, but it has had it since 1.48... maybe you should download the latest drivers: http://ibasso.com/en/download/index.asp


EDIT: Direct Link in my older post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/587361/d7-sidewinder-initial-impressions/645#post_9110043

Thanks, the driver update has fixed the problem. It also sounds slightly better (more transparent).

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The D7 is suitable for SR80i and MS2? Does it adds warmth? How it is compared to the D42 mamba and the schiit stack (vali/modi combo)
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D7 vs D6 Impressions


So I purchased a used D7 from fellow Head-Fier yesterday afternoon, moved the D3 to the children's computer, and now run the D7 at home and the D6 at the office/on the road.  But before committing to all that did some head-to-head listening just to see:


2011 uMBP-15 / itunes with a variety of different file formats

USB to stock D7 and stock D6 both set at 24/96

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (DACs only)

AKG 702 & 550 (DACs + amps)

TF10 (DACs + amps)


As one would expect, the DACs in the two units are awfully close.  The D6 had a wee smidgen better resolution and maybe the D7 bass was a tiny bit fuller but I wouldn't want to bet on being able to discern either difference consistently.


There was a huge difference when running the DAC/amp combos however.  For clarification purposes I ran the D6 in battery mode.


With the K702, the D7 is vastly outclassed.  It just can't drive the K702 to anywhere near its potential.  It's thin and reedy with a miniscule soundstage and no authority.  Not recommended for hard to drive headphones.  The D6 is a passable amp for the K702.  Not great, but decent.  It'll drive them, but its a little hard, cold and remote sounding.  In stock configuration it's not as good at getting the lush spaciousness out of them as my RSA Hornet was.


The K550 is much friendlier on amps and the difference really showed itself in this listening comparison.  Same with the TF10s.  I'd swear the D7 is quieter than the D6, but that could just be that its got a slightly "darker" tone.  Midrange body is fuller and thicker in the D7, somewhat reminiscent of my old P3+ which also had awesome PRAT at the expense of some soundstaging and presentation of dynamic range.  The D7, however, doesn't make that compromise as soundstaging and dynamic range presentation are quite good though slightly edged out by the D6.  Bass is equally well controlled on both units, but the D7 bass has more body to it.  The big difference was on the highs.  I'm finding the D6 a bit harsh and fatigue inspiring with some tizziness on the high end.  It's too bright.  To my ear, the D7 handles the highs much more naturally.


I was surprised to discover that I prefer the D7, hands down (except for with difficult to drive cans).  It could be that my D6 really isn't fully burned in (it does kind of sound fresh out of the box), but the Head-Fier I purchased it from assures me that its has been and I've put a good 100 hours on it and not noticed any difference in sound quality.


Going to try a Topkit and see if I can get this thing into my comfort zone.



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As a follow up to the ^^^^^above ^^^^^:


If you own a D6, get a TopKit.



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