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SE 535s.....OMG!!!!!!!!

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Hi Folks,


First post here but have visited on and off for ages getting advice on what to buy.  I have a 32GB titanium Cowon S9 and have owned it for a couple of years I think.  I went through the process of re ripping my music into flac and now my S9 is full.  What a machine the S9 is, especially with Claws UI and other mods installed.  Anyway after trying numerous IEMs I decided to pay out for Shure's (now mine) SE 535s.....WOW!!!!!! these things are awsome straight out of the box.  My last phones were the entry SE115s but I have owned others in the past.  I was astonished at what I was missing in music.  They are fantastic!  my only gripe, and it is just me, the Shure foam tips are by far the best supplied for isolation and increasing bass etc but the large tips are just a fraction too big (great seal tho) and the medium are just too small (poor seal) so I am suffering the large at the moment.  Just cant keep them in too long.  Think I need to get others.  I am so pleased with these phones I just needed to tell someone.  The wife and kids are sick of hearing it.  I never knew there was so much hidden detail in music, I now find myself looking for extreme music to show off the phones, you know stuff I would not normally listen to.  I haven't as yet customised the EQ as I have been using the pre installed ones depending on what I am listening to but I find BBE headphones settings to be the one I use most.  Any EQ settings you may have to make these phones shine even more would be appreciated but I honestly dont know if they can be improved upon.  I am truly in audio heaven...oh and ofcourse if anyone out there has same issue with the tips and you have sorted it I would be grateful if you could let me know.  Thanks.....WOW!!!!!! I am like a 42 year old teenager....;)  Thankyou Shure, Thankyou Cowon.

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welcome to the world of audio.. your journey has just begun :)

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As you've invested that much in your IEMs, I'd suggest finding a bit extra to get some custom moulded tips made up.


I did so for my Shure SE420s and the difference in sound, comfort and security of fit made it money very well spent.


Plus the 'custom' fit of the tips means you never have to have anyone using your 'phones again! :-)

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You can also wait till you get tired of the 535 and do a reshell customs using back the existing internal drivers or maybe add more drivers. It's like having a new pair of earphones and you can choose new colors, artwork and make the whole thing interesting again biggrin.gif.

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i think this is a advertisement for 535.. lol.. I do like the 535 by the way.. but I dont think there appropriate to say wow lol.. I use westone 4.. and I think its better than the 535.. just my opinion..

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Thanks for the replies. I had no idea that you could customise the outside other than custom tips and cables etc. For the moment I am just enjoying every minute. As for being an advert for 535s..... I have to say that I would recommend them already but I have yet to hear if they improve with age or not. I am no audiophile, but I do think WOW! was justified :-) I have never heard such clarity and detail and the separation of instruments is so neat and tidy I am totally taken aback......I have had many earphones before from in ear to full cans and lots of makes my previous best being a pair of Sony. I also know having come from the entry level se115 to this level of IEM probably makes it seem a much bigger difference, but I am a very happy guy at the minute..... I will probably do the custom moulded tip thing and quite soon as it would ease the discomfort I am getting from the large tips. I tried all the tips supplied and even cut the triple flange ones (which I read about somewhere) but the supplied foam ones were definitely the best.

Thanks for the replies.

So happy:D
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Originally Posted by stationwagon View Post

i think this is a advertisement for 535.. lol.. I do like the 535 by the way.. but I dont think there appropriate to say wow lol.. I use westone 4.. and I think its better than the 535.. just my opinion..

Well good for you... there are also many people who prefer the 535 over the boring, lifeless, " Toyota Camry " like presentation of the Westone 4 . Does that mean we are all advertising for the 535 ? At the end of the day it's about preference, other wise there would be a ministry of Head Fi assigning the appropriate headphone to people.


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They sure are awesome :)

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Definitely buck worth spending over these amazing ear phones. Shure rocks.

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I love mine. I use them on stage as in ear monitors. I occassionaly use them for music playback when I lose my daily one's or they break.. which reminds me I have to get the wires on my SCL-4's replaced..

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I have the red 535 and they have been my IEM of choice for the last month or so..............which is quite surprising since I hated mine when I first got them in December.


And also the more surprising considering I have a good selection of universal IEMs to choose from, W4, 2 x DD+BA hybrids and also a pair of 20 BA driver IEMs. All my IEMs use third party cables. Everyday, if I decide to take IEMs out with me, the 535 with a silver/gold cable is the one I choose with the DX100wink_face.gif

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congratz to your new earphone, hope you can enjoy it forever!!

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Turn off all audio enhancements like EQ and BBE. Enjoy your SE535's in their full glory. L3000.gif

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congrats, the shure 535 are indeed superb IEMs to own

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Not in comparison the W4. Case Closed lol

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