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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

They are for sure putting out Fare Thee Well on BluRay. Not sure when, but there was already a pre-order.


Oops, just found it. Nov 20th.



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Re listening to the Dvr from pay per view, may not be blue ray but it's now😌
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Yeah since I have 30 days to watch the webcast again I'm going to do that before it expires biggrin.gif
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That Mountains of the Moon is really incredible. I think it may be my favorite of the run.

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Just a heads up for all the deadheads there who have a Netflix subscription, that Bob Weir documentary, "The Other One" has been on there since May! It's a good one!

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I've never seen a Dead show. I'm a fan, but I haven't been exposed to much. I've had American Beauty for a couple of years, but have only really listened to it for the past few months. I really like this album! There is some really, really beautiful music on it. ...and really surprisingly good vocal harmonies. The Attics Of My Life being the standout for vocals.

I recently bought Blues For Allah and Infrared Roses. Blues is decent, but I've only had it for a short time; it'll probably grow on me some. Infrared Roses is a mixed bag. There's some REALLY cool experimental moody stuff on it. ...and some kind of obnoxious noisy stuff too. The good makes up for the bad for sure; it's enjoyable.

I've been reading reviews but there's SO MUCH to choose from.

Any solid recommendations for me given what little I've told you?


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Without a Net. Loved it when it came out but there is a lot out there now. I think you can buy that complete show now, 1990-03-29.a fully you can download it here:


Of course there is tons of stuff thats good but you can't go wrong with this live show.
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Thanks for the recommendation. I'm open to any others you guys might have too. smily_headphones1.gif

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If you like American Beauty, you have to get Workingman's Dead. They're companion albums. And the GDs two finest studio LPs.
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Did anyone else take advantage of xbox music's Christmas sale?  They weren't lossless, but they were 320kbs downloads.  I got the complete studio albums collection for $1.99.  The also had the complete Zeppelin, Police, Doors, Smiths, Lennon, REM complete rarities, Lou Reed, Cash Unearthed, Black Crows Complete, and Replacements complete.  All for $1.99 each.  Not to mention a Who box.  There were some others as well.  The Dead, Zeppelin, and Lou Reed were especially satisfying.

I'm actually pretty surprised at how good a lot of the deeper Dead tracks are.

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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

If you like American Beauty, you have to get Workingman's Dead. They're companion albums. And the GDs two finest studio LPs.

I've seen Working Man's Dead recommended before, but wasn't sure. Now I am. smily_headphones1.gif I'll put it on my wish list and plan to check that out.

The Dead seem almost like they are several different bands. There's the Folk influenced stuff on American Beauty. There's a lot of "just jammin'" kinda stuff. Then there's "Drums and Space". I don't know how big of a Dead fan I'll become, but I'm definitely enjoying seeing and hearing what they have to offer.

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The variety of Dead sounds was surprising to me. I'll never be a huge fan, but i do enjoy it, on occasion.
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