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I am looking for a setup for a pair of LCD-3 that also has speaker ability. Which is the better choice:


Macbook Pro -> Amarra -> HRT Music Streamer PRO -> Eddie Current 2A3 -> LCD-3 (Pricey!)

Macbook Pro -> Amarra -> Schiit Bifrost -> Eddie Current 2A3 -> LCD-3 (Pricey!)

Macbook Pro -> Amarra -> Peachtree Nova -> LCD-3 (Fair price)

Macbook Pro -> Amarra -> C5i -> LCD-3 (Slightly pricey...)

Macbook Pro -> Amarra -> ? -> ? -> LCD-3


I really like the idea of tubes to make the sound warmer and more "real", only I heard that there's little difference between listening to the nova with the tube on and off. When looking at spending this amount of money, I do not want to compromise the sound, so any and all suggestions are welcome.


I am an opera singer (Tenor), and need this system for studying as well as enjoying music with a glass of whiskey perhaps...

Music to which i listen: Dramatic Opera (Full and steely yet round and smooth) Great example hereof:


I may be moving to Europe again sometime in the future, so the ability to switch from 120 to 220 volts is important