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The Hybrids and Complys just slip right on, no problems. Didn't have to cut any of them. 

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T400 and Ts400 will adapt perfectly. Small preference for the spherical Ts series with TF10s, T series are too long for these, they make TS10s protude even more out of the ears than the original silicone tips. darthsmile.gif

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I prefer the Comply tips, and I believe that the Ts-500, T-500 and the TX-500 will do you fine, and all come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. The difference between the Ts-500, T-500 and the TX-500 tips are that the TX version has an integrated wax guard and is ultra soft, which I really wanted on my (now soon to arrive) replacement Triple.Fi 10's; the T-500 is cheaper without the wax guard, and the Ts-500 uses a spherical shape. Check the website for more info.


However, I am highly interested in getting some custom ear mould sleeves (tips). I wrote this on some other posts, but this is what I am considering (taken from this post):


"ACS Communications Solutions (alternate site) are pretty famous in the UK for making ear moulds for Etymotic, but they do make ear moulds for other earphones (ACS UK Custom Fit Earphone Sleeves). I have three places where I can get this (HiFiHeadphones.co.uk, iHeadphones.co.uk, or BootsHearingCare.com), so there is no rush and I can mull over which would give me the best to purchase from."


Once I have bought a suitable headphone amplifier*, an LOD (Moon-Audio.com’s Silver Dragon V1 LOD Cable or Silver Dragon V3 LOD Cable), and possibly an aftermarket cable (FiiO RC-UE1 Replacement Cable for Ultimate Ears IEM’s), I shall see if I should (or even can) get the sleeve's.

*I am currently in talks with John Seaber from JDSLabs.com about his C421 amplifier, though his cMoyBB amps are very popular and great to use. I still use my Custom cMoyBB v2.02, which are highly enjoyable to use.


Otherwise, the Comply foam tips will do you for a while, but remember that they are the more expensive option in the long run. If you really don't like foam tips, and the silicone UE tips don't work (they do NOT work in my ears, far to much discomfort), then your only choices are to get modified, DIY hacks on other tips from other brands, or get custom moulded sleeves.



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You really have to play with the Sony's to get them to fit.  They have a smaller hole.

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The stock silicon tips are bad for me. The comply tips supplied were the only way to keep it in my ears.
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Hm, got the Supertips now ... haven't got the phones with me, so I'll see. I tried just stuffing them in my ears, but it seems they won't hold very well, either ... all these tips with very smooth surfaces seem to just glide out of my ear again. The complys that came with it hold, because I can compress them and let them open up inside the ear again ... but I'll see how they fare ... real test to be done this evening. As for the Sony Hybrids, they're still on their way.

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Ha, now I remember why I got them reshelled (got another pair due to sales/needed a better iem to listen to whilst away).  Left ear fits fine with one type of tip but not the other and vice versa. That combined with the size and the frankly god awful cable and  thank god I should be getting them back (third times the charm right?!)next week.

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I've been using my T400 Complys for a week now, and these are great!  Extremely comfortable, they actually stay in my ear, and they don't sound muffled like the Complys that came packed in.

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