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Looking for a suitable headphone amp

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, and also fairly new to headphone gear. I am currently looking into getting a set of headphones and headphone amps. There's an abundant amount of information out there making it a bit difficult for a beginner like me to know where to begin so I hope you can point me in the right direction. Through some research however, I have read this page which was quite informative.


So basically, the first thing I would like to look at are some decent headphone amps. My intended use will be almost exclusively for home use on my computer. I'll be mainly listening to music, games (when I someday get a new computer) and occasionally movies. I still like listening through my speakers during the day, so one thing I would like is some easy way to be able to switch between headphone and speakers.


I pretty much have no experience with headphone amps, so here are a bunch of main questions that I have:


- I noticed that there are amps with USB connectivity; how does this work? Does the amp has its own DAC (so it doesn't use the sound card's)? What are the advantages?

- Is it possible to have a setup where I can easily switch between headphones and speakers without requiring to fiddle with connections?

- And basically, what types of amps are there, what are some recommended brands and what are some good online stores to buy from (that ship to Australia)?



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I've done some more research and I think I have found most of the answers I've been looking for regarding amps. I have found a couple of USB DAC/amps: first I stumbled upon the NuForce uDAC-2, which appears to be quite popular, however reviews for the newly released Fiio E10 seem to all say that this one is superior to the uDAC-2. I'm pretty much set on the E10 but after hearing about how they will bring out a revised version to reduce the play in the headphone jack, I think I may wait and focus on getting a good set of headphones first.


The DAC/amps above being a USB interface, looks like I won't have to fiddle around with connections when wanting to switch between speakers and headphones, but may require selecting the device from within the OS appropriately.


So far, the online stores that I have stumbled upon that actually seem to have a good range are the following, and I only just realized now that they all have very similar domain names, lol:






Can anyone else recommend me some good online stores?

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