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Problematic Business

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Im dealing with a business (wont name it, as im working with him with him, stressfully, call him Person A) and they sent a package to a guy i was dealing with, Person B, and i just got done with a transaction with B and i had another transaction going on with A, relating to both the same products, and i had products from A and i was waiting patiently for them to arrive so i thought A may of gotten the people mixed up or whatever. B received it first, he took out the products and put them back in the box, emailed me, and told me that he got a box referring to the same product that all of us was dealing with, but the products were not for him.


I told him to send them to me as they may of be the products that i have been patiently waiting for, but i received them and they were items that were never mine, though i love the brand of products. I than get an email from B saying i need to pay him for shipping because he sent them out? Well he sent them to me, and i was not sure if they were even mine. I tell him i dont have any money in my bank, true story, and he proceeds to threaten me to pay for shipping and gets the sender, Person A, to tell B that this package arrived to his house and proceeded to tell him they were not B's items. Well A emails me and i told him i did receive the product that were in fact neither mine or B's and that i was going to send them back to A, since he told me that the product was for a different client.


I send them back to A, but he tells me that 2 out of the 12 items were missing. Well B threatens me saying that "You (Me) are a very sleazy guy for stealing those items from Tyler (Person A). I know what was in that box and if you had paid me the $5.20 for the shipping fee I wouldn't have had any doubts that the items were yours, but by the actions you showed I thought I better let Tyler (Person A) know about the package and that you said they were your pens. Karma will pay you back for the dishonesty. You are an awful disguesting liar. I will be going to the post office and put in a report for mail fraud toward you. I do have all the paper work and your conversations from (website)." As you can see he is pretty much blackmailing me, and making accusations that are not true. Person A and i have never dealt with B, but i had something that B was interested in so we traded. Well now A is holding my items hostage until i somehow come up with the two items that are missing. What do i do?

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Reading this is like punching my eyes with a brick. First thing, figure out if party A and B know each other and/or conspiring. Ask for screenshot of contact between A and B during this mix-up.

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