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DT440 vs HFI-580

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Which headphone would be better for Alt/Indie Rock, Hip-Hop/RnB, Electronic Music?


I want something with good bass, good soundstage and engaging enough for rock/electronic music.

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Since no one's jumped in to help you, I'll give you my thoughts on the DT 440, even though I've never heard the HFI-580. The DT 440 is in my opinion one of the most overlooked headphones around, and I love it, but the Ultrasone is almost certainly better suited to what you want. I own/have owned numerous Ultrasones, and they are going to have more bass and be more engaging in general. The DT 440 has very nice soundstage, but the presentation is more on the airy and refined side. Plus they are not really portable, if that's a concern. They are large, open, and have a very long cord. Although I have been known to wear them around the house plugged into an iPod, and they sound great that way.

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HFI 580, I own the HFI680, it has lesser bass but it has this artifical kinds of sound that is great for electronic music in my opinion, although it might be a little harsh.. but nothing an EQ can't fix though..




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[Nevermind, mistaken post.]

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I also vote for the HFI 580's I have them. they really really start opening up after 12 hours and keep on it. :) i also listen to your types of music and it all just sounds beautiful :) not as much bass, but tighter and punchier and more clear.

$118 on BH

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