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What Full-Size for Movies?

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Just curious as to what everyone thinks is the best full cans for movie watching. Personally I love a set of balanced 650's.

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Can't say I've heard may headphones, but the HD598s are my favorite. 

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I use my Denon D2000s with Dolby Headphone. I think its amazing but I haven't many other headphones. First thing you want is an open headphone for soundstage, then you need something with good bass to handle explosions in movies and what not, then I highly recommend Dolby Headphone, gives it surround sound which works surprisingly well. Best headphone? Depends on how much you wanna spend. But for myself I'd get the Fischer FA-011

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Denon is a terrific movie headphone, they are very comfortable for that new 2h+ standard, v-curved with beefed up bass and great soundstage.

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Fischer fa-011?

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hd598 +1

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Sony mdr-xb700. Awesome bass for movies and gaming.

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If I had the money I would grab a JVC DX1000 for mostly movies. I wonder if the Ultrasone Pro 900 would be a good movie phone? I figured the Denons would be nice.

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I used HD650s for that for a while.  They needed quite a bit of EQ to bring up the sub bass, but were great after that.  These days I use my modded T50RPs.  If you put some nice thick and angled pads on them they have a nice soundstage.

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Intresting that people seem to be liking the Denons. Honestly I never liked the denons much for movies. The 650's and the 555's seem to give dialogue much better clarity in low volume situations.


Might have to take a look at the FA-011. Haven't had the opportunity to hear them yet.

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Q701, HD-600 or HD-598.


Closed headphones are mostly a fail for movies and gaming, but the K240 Studio (semi-open) and the KRK KS-8400 get a pass from me.


I'd take the K240 Studio for movies over the usual HD-555 any day.

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Maybe your denons dont have enough burn in.

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Pro 900 is great for movies ,but personally i prefure my TFTA extra bass iems ,for movies ,earth shattering explosions on those babies.

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