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The discovery thread.! NEW Zero Audio Doppios! pg1197 !!.KEF M200..PG835..Philips Fidelio S2.... - Page 1598

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

Well. This is yet another discovery for me. The DX90 sounds amazing. Just simply sublime sounding. I threw on my IM03 on open listen. This player is so much of an upgrade over the older DX50 and the X3. Wow.   


I knew that DX90 was going to impress. And from all indications it is at least as good as the X5 (or better depending on preference). Good move Ds!

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Originally Posted by waynes world View Post

Good stuff!

OK, I promised myself I wasn't going to try another pair of headphones. But there they were (at Winners), just sitting there looking all intriguing and for only $16.99....

Out of the box, I am very impressed. Nicely balance. Great mids. Good extension. Very full and natural sounding, and nice soundstage. Very light, compact and portable - can be thrown in a pocket. Looks pretty nice and unobtrusive when worn. And very cheap! Biggest downside is that they don't isolate much at all.

I'll save more comparisons until they have burned in a bit, but they are already giving my portapro's and ksc75's a run for their money SQ-wise, and I am happy to add them to the hoard smily_headphones1.gif
which model is that? I think I may have owned that one a few years ago. They are quite nice if they are, especially for the price you paid.
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I guess the model number wouldn't hurt lol! They are the AKG K403's.

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Originally Posted by drbluenewmexico View Post

thats correct.  the Singulos are more fun than the Doppios.  The Doppios are more "reference sound"
and thicker sound and go deeper and wider soundstage.  also more expensive end bigger.
the Singulous are perfect for my HTC one M8 which has the best new android sounsystem built into
it, right out of the phone...

Would the M8 (sounds funny for the name of a phone as it's the name of the motorway (UK)/highway? that runs through my home city Edinburgh lol) be good enough to be a daily/main driver?
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Dayuum...took a while ,but my x5 is at NYC finally XD
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Looked back and my pair was K412P so either a renumbered version of the same HP or a slightly different model. Looked just like those though :-)


I am getting ready to do a bit of a comparison between the AIAIAI iPipe and my Momentum on Ear and will also compared to the Sony XBA-H1. Take the impressions a bit with a grain of salt though as I have only let them burn in for a couple of hours and am already hearing changes in the  IEM so think these will have a good change over the next couple of days.

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So I am trying out the DX90 with the L2s. The stage is so wide and airy. Both components here are wide and when you add the other it is widerer,?..The sound quality of the DX90 and L2 are both sound stage whores so we got an expansive wide open sound with astounding detail and clarity.


This combo has to heard to believed..

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Ok I used one song and compared the Momentum on ear, AKG 323X, XBA-H1, and Aiaiai iPipe. I used JD Southern's version of Heartache Tonight which has a good bass line, clapping type percussion, and clear vocals.

It turns out the AKG 323X and XBA-H1 are very similar with more emphasis on the mids and treble while the MOE and iPipe have stronger bass and are more subdued in the treble.

If you like the Momentum on ear then the iPipe is a great matching IEM and darn cheap for it's price tag. It sounded very similar only suffering a bit of a lack of air and sound stage. The iPipe currently has a bit more bass but the fact it has already decreased from open box I suspect they wild end up being very similar. Both of these headphones are great if you struggle with to much treble. In regards to this song both were great in the bass line and did the clapping ok but lost a bit of the claps sharpness, the vocals were clear and very full sounding bordering on being a bit thick. The iPipe actually had a bit more detail and was more intimate.

The H1 and 323 both had more edge to the clapping and slightly brighter and sweeter vocals. The 323 had a bit more mechanical sound to the clapping but also rendered the bass line a bit fuller than the H1. The H1 had the least bass of all the headphones and more balanced because of that. It also was the most detailed and open sounding with the most air. But the 323 is darn fine poor mans alternative and also has phone controls.

I will continue to burn in the iPipe and see if it transforms more. But as it stands I highly recommend it and am surprised by it's lack of recognition.
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I'm guessing the Geek Out will still burn in...but I may not make it to work this morning. Made the mistake of starting up JRiver, playing the HDTRacks Beck (I know, I know, don't tell me it sucks...sounds wornderful), through Geek Out, into Sony H3. OMYGOD!!!!
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