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The discovery thread.! New NiceHCK DZ7 1DD+6 BA iem impression by ericp10. Page 2153 - Page 561

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Originally Posted by waynes world View Post


Sfwalcer out, Gee Simpson IN!!!!  Lol!

This is what I like to see biggrin.gif


I wonder if sfwalcer is mad right now? I think we all know the answer to that...


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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

Oh I guarantee the sound will be revised. When AT puts an X at the end of a phone. Like A900 to A900X or AD900 to AD900X. These are revisions with newer tuning.


Just a guess but I think the new CKS77X wil be worth getting over the CKS99 for example. I am gonna guess new updated drivers with newer tuning using double air chamber tech that is in the CKS99 and the CKS1000..  Which will mean.  New sound.


Let me put it this way. I highly doubt the CKS77 and the CKS77X will have the same exact sound. AT changes things up for the better. As Jant was saying the CKS77 was one of their more popular Solid Bass earphones so they probably thought they could do one much better and AT gives us more reason to spend that cash.


At least the older CKS77 has some balance with that big bass the CKS55 was terrible. I can see how they can easily fix that one..The CKS55 has no clarity to speak of..


Until my daughter borrowed (defined - steal, never give back, say good bye) them, I liked them quite a bit. From memory they had a good sound, with fairly bright highs but nice mids and very good bottom end that did the job but had room for improvement. I can see them improving the bottom end some, and toning down the highs on them. Don't remember a lot of detail on them either, but then again my daughter liked them enough to not return them frown.gif

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Holy ****. I was really thinking the CKN70s were better than the S500s... I just put the HM5 pads back on (I was using the stock pads) and I don't know anymore. These pads are a MASSIVE upgrade over the stock pads, it's not even close. After this I might still prefer the S500s, but I need to hear the CKN70s fully burnt in, they're definitely not done yet.


Come to think of it, I only pounded the drivers on my S500s for maybe a week tops. I've listened to it a lot since then, but not at a very loud volume. If the S500s aren't done yet... :O

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Received my ckn70 yesterday  so far at 20hrs and i found the treble is too high for my liking :-( will leave it burn in and hope will bring down the treble. ( not sure if this help , any advise for a newbie ? ) 


Have anyone try the FXZ tip with the ckn70 ? I found the treble reduce by using the FXZ tip and sound better than the original tip :-)

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Burn them for 300 hours... should tone down the highs. Haven't tried the FXZ tips, but I really like the sony hybrids with the 70's.

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Will try with sony hybrid :-) 

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Originally Posted by kahaluu View Post

Burn them for 300 hours... should tone down the highs. Haven't tried the FXZ tips, but I really like the sony hybrids with the 70's.



Much smoother than I'd thought they'd be. Still the treble I expected, just that peaks aren't as arbitrary and all over the place. 

Overall, not sure about the tonality, but after ~10 hours listening to them....can safely say these pump out detail for the price that the competition can't even begin to imagine. Loving the detail. 

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Hmm, I'm seriously considering the CKS77X or 99X when I sell my CKN70s. They look quite intriguing. 

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post



Much smoother than I'd thought they'd be. Still the treble I expected, just that peaks aren't as arbitrary and all over the place. 

Overall, not sure about the tonality, but after ~10 hours listening to them....can safely say these pump out detail for the price that the competition can't even begin to imagine. Loving the detail. 


Yeah these are truly unbeatable for the price. How times have changed. A year ago I would've had to shell out several times the money to get this kind of quality. Wait til you burn these gems in. I thought they were plenty smooth at first..now they are straight up liquid. The peakiness in the highs has basically disappeared. These do get a bit sizzly in some tracks but I guess it can't be helped. IEMs as detailed as these don't hide anything in the music.

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Only thing that annoys me about the CKN70s is that even when I use the clip and route the right side wire round the back of my neck, the wire from the right side earbud just snakes everywhere and it looks stupid when I have the earphones in.

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The SQ of the 70's makes me tolerate the terrible cable. If the 70's didn't sound so damn good, I would have sold them a long time ago due to the cables.

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It just looks strange when I'm walking and the cable is sort of 'looped' near my right ear, making the wire stick out quite a bit. A friend said it looks like I'm a robot with wires coming from my head haha!

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JVC FXZ200/ ATH CKN70 Impressions/ Comparisons:


Trying to make this one as short and concise as possible since A/Bs and comparative impressions can be lengthy and long winded (fails miserably LMAO). Below contains my impressions of these iems as i have experienced them straight out of my ipod classic/ nano as well as amped through my Fiio E17s with limited EQ settings. So without further ado let's get this thing started!!!



Before I get into comparisons against the sonic capabilities/abilities of these two popular iems i want to address all the other aspects that are not sound related first. As evident from the pic above, the housing of these FXZ200s and CKN70s are vastly different. The 200s are comprised of very light transparent plastic that is a bit bulky, while the 70s are made of a slender tube shaped aluminum with soft rubber rings orbiting them. It's obvious that due to its more compact and minimalist physical attributes the 70s are a lot more comfy, not to mention easier to wear and provides better seal as well. Both housings are really sturdy despite the differences of materials used. Although the unique satellite ring feature of the CKN70s might make it more difficult to wear behind the ears, while the FXZ200 can be easily worn straight down or behind ears.


Warning: Don't Click If Not Interested In Cable Make Up/ Wearability/ Comfort/ Microphonics/ Isolation. (Click to show)

Since we are on the topic of ergonomics it is also important to note that the CKN70s' cable is of the "J"-cord style, while the FXZ200s is of the traditional "Y"-cord variant. The FXZ200s' cable is superior because it is thicker, of a smoother texture and is easily manageable, though the only "negative" might be the straight 3.5mm male jack in place rather than the right-angled plug. The characteristics of these cables are very different due to the differences of materials used.  The ones on FXZ200s' is a lot more compliant and tangle free, while the CKN70s' on the other hand is of a more rugged variant which many have expressed in their complete dissatisfaction as "having a life of its own" due to its constant flexing springing, and snake-like nature.


"J" cord iems such as these CKN70s can be annoying if one do not know how to manage it, but this problem can be easily alleviated simply by clipping them onto your shirt collar. Overall, comfort and better ergonomics goes to the CKN70s due to the smaller housing along with the soft rubber rings which helps with guided insertion and placement. The FXZ200s, due to it's bulkier although surprising light housing can cause some discomfort after a short amount of time when worn straight down, but this problem can be alleviated as well when worn upside down and behind the ears.


Due to the vastly different cable material of these 2 iems, microphonics (cable noise) also varies a great deal. The superior cable of the FXZ200s helps to reduce microphonics to a minimum, while the CKN70s are much more microphonic, but this can be drastically reduced by simply using a clip. After the application of a clip i detect little to no microphonics from my CKN70s even in windy outdoor conditions.  TBH clips should be mandatory for any "J" cord iem and i can't even imagine how anyone can use these without it.


Regarding the isolation of these iems, the FXZ200 i would say is average in noise isolation, meaning that when music is on you can't hardly hear your surroundings but when the music is off, you can hear everything clearly no matter the type of tips used. Isolation on the CKN70 with the MH1C tips is above average because of the better/ easier seal which helps to block out some background noise even when the music is off. The stock tips that comes with both of these iems are pretty sub par, therefore one has to properly tip roll in order to get the best fit, sound, and isolation. For me the medium Sony MH1Cs tips works the best with the CKN70s (as well as Sony hybrids due to their similar built) and as for the FXZ200s it's the medium auvio or the Philips SHE9700 tips.



Malleability and Scalability are two terms that accurately describe these FXZ200s for me.  My set have had over 500hrs of burn-in from the previous owner and i have been burning them in for almost 3 weeks now, off and on, therefore they should be properly broken in. Straight from my ipods the highs and mids are forward but not overly extended which took me kinda by surprise. Coming from the budget-fi JVC camp, there seems to be always some issues with hot/ harsh/ sibilant treble but it wasn't the case with these FXZ200s. The treble might even be too polite for my taste tbh. Although the mids on these FXZ200s are really nice due to some sparkle, i wished the highs also have this attribute as well. A touch more sparkle and extension in the treble region would have made them a lot more balanced and engaging. I tried to set the EQ on my ipods to the "Jazz" setting in order to further extend the highs but it didn't sound right so i ended up leaving it on "Flat".


Despite that the FXZ200s are adequately driven straight from my ipod classic/ nano they sound only ok with certain albums, while others will completely floor you. What i mean by this is that the "WOW" factor of these FXZ200s is not consistent in their rendition with regards to all music (As ghostfits has mentioned). They render some albums very beautifully, especially those that are mastered well and is sub bass oriented. So it's fair to say that what you get out of these FXZ200s can be somewhat random, often times is left to chance.  It's either hit or miss, but even when it's not hitting all those sweet notes the music still sounds good. BUT Oh man when these FXZ200s do hit those sweet notes there is just crazy amounts of synergy and power which sounds SPECTACULAR!!!



I'm not sure of the exact reason but certain albums just gel with these FXZ200s, and the result is a full authoritative bold and big sound that can literally make your question whether you were listening to a full size set of headphones or a pair of iems. I have never heard such a bold and powerful sound even from my headphones before. Some describe this phenomenon as being similar to a "2.1 speaker system" but for me they sound more like a sweet set of full size bass audiophile headphones. Nonetheless, despite such a powerful sound there is little to no mid bass hump or bleed into the other frequencies due to the independent sub woofer system that is utilized hence effectively separating the mids and treble outputs from the bass. My only complaint regarding the low end is that there could be more lushness to them, because it can sound a bit dry and boxy at times.


AMPED FXZ200:  Although these FXZ200s can be driven to fairly loud volumes straight from both my ipods, it has to hit the upper 80% levels in order to achieve the best sound. From this observation i already knew that they were power hungry iems, hence i acquired an amp to see how well it will scale. Everyone from the FXZ100/ 200 thread was correct when they said these scale nicely with more power, so when amplified the sound becomes a bit faster and less dry especially in the bass regions. Everything was set to zero on my Fiio E17 except with the gain at (+ 6dbs) and volume at 33, all the while connected to my ipods using either a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cable or the Fiio L9 cable. I assume the Fiio 17 is fairly "neutral" because it didn't seem to color nor flavor the sound coming out of my ipods. It basically sounded as if it was coming straight from my i-devices but with more oomph to it (Thanks WAYNE for giving me a heads up on this=).


These FXZ200s not only scale beautifully when amped, but this also made them more malleable as well. As i mentioned before, they didn't sound good when EQed the "Jazz" preset straight from my ipods, nonetheless while these FXZ200s are being amplified at the same time the sound is much more balanced and coherent. Highs are now well extended, though still lacks a bit of sparkle while the mids maintain its composure and elegance. Not to mention the low end become even more mind blowing now. When amped and set to the "Jazz" preset many albums that sounded kinda bland straight out of my ipods before now sounds much more engaging. Therefore malleability and scalability would be a fitting way to describe how these FXZ200s sound because these two factors truly make them shine.



So how do the new kid on the block, the ATH CKN70s fare against these FXZ200???  Well it is difficult to say which one is "better" but it is possible to describe how each sounds differently so one can pick which is closer to ones' personal sound signature. All my listening with my CKN70s were done straight from my ipods as i found that amping them was not necessary since they are adequately driven to loud volumes by most mp3 players. This might be a negative or a positive depending on how you plan to use them. But i am sure they sound marvelous when amped as well.


The bass on these CKN70 should be sufficient for your average music listener, but for bass heads they might find it a bit lacking. I would say the bass on these CKN70s is perfect because it matches really well with the rest of the sonic spectrum. The mids and highs are really forward- in fact the highs might be a bit too forward because they sound kinda bright with some sibilance when listening at high volumes. Having heard some of the carbon nanotube lineup from JVC, the sound of these CKN70s definitely aligns with the rest of those. The sound signature and presentation are very similar in that you will notice a lot of micro details and nuances in your music due to it sounding more 3D and Hi-Def.  Mids and highs on these are all over your face with a crazy amount of sparkle to them, along with a lush low end definitely makes these CKN70s "sexy" sounding. Some have mentioned that the "treble" might sound a bit "artificial" in these CNT micro driver iems. Compared to the FXZ200s, the CKN70s does in fact sound less "realistic." I would say the CKN70's presentation is more musical due to its faster and more engaging sound.  Although there is a lot less quantity as compared to the FXZ200s, the bass is more lush and attack is quicker on these CKN70s.  The sonic presentation of these CKN70s is more Hi-Def, elegant and upfront as compared to the more laid back/ spacious and more powerful presentation of the FXZ200s.



When you directly A/B these two iems, the CKN70s might actually make the FXZ200s sound a bit boring because of the more "traditional" old school type of sonic presentation of the FXZ200s. This difference could also be attributed to the older dynamic tech drivers used in these FXZ200 against the new carbon nanotube micro drivers utilized in the CKN70s. I guess that's the nature of the beast because dynamic drivers seem to provide much bigger bass/ sub bass frequencies but will lack the lushness and speed of the newer CNT drivers. Therefore the only thing that is holding these FXZ200s from true greatness (for me at least) is the lack of lushness in the bass as well the need for more sparkle and extension in its treble.


Comparing the CKN70s to the FXZ200s is like comparing sushi to filet mignon, both are amazing in it's own right. Even though i have never had filet mignon, that's how i imagine it would taste like when listening the FXZ200s; hearty yet classy at the same time. The CKN70s has this really elegant and refined texture to them which is similar to sushi in characteristics. These fundamental difference makes it really difficult to A/B the two since they are just too different sounding, so it all boils down to ones sound preferences. Neither of these are truly the best, because there is simply no best, just different styles of musical presentation and rendition.



P.S. To be honest i really don't mind the cable on these CKN70s, they are really crappy especially for such an awesome sounding iem but their constant snake-like flex nature makes them almost defy gravity, and when a clip is applied there is little to no strain from them. I like this stupid cable. haha



P.S.S. BIG THANKS to Twinkie for the edits!!!

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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O M G..
You made me read all that!
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