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The discovery thread.! New NiceHCK DZ7 1DD+6 BA iem impression by ericp10. Page 2153 - Page 57

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I wouldn't buy from you just based off of this post.I hope you at least sell the units as used.

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I am an award winning Cell phone dealer/ business owner for 14 years.. It is natural that I have a lot of down time so I have my computer set up with all that I need for music and gaming.  Yes I slack a lot but this gives me much time to discover gems like the ones you are hearing..I also sell headphones here to my unassuming customers. Basically they get to buy my rejects. Lol!!.. So I can afford to order the occasional dud only to find out they are indeed duds and I quicky repack it and sell them off..To my customers they get some of the best sounding stuff. Your average non audiophile only cares for one thing and one thing only .. MOAR BASS!. It can be as muddy as flabby as they get but. It must be quality if it has bass!.


I was gonna say. You should try out some double flanges..Sound changes quite a bit with different tips more so on the isurus than any other earphone I have. Try this try that..


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Are the SHE3575s the same as the 3580s but with a mic?

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Oh yea everything I sell they go used at a discount or many almost the same price but for some reason I have no issues getting rid of them..For many that come by my shop they have never seen or heard of the headphones/ earphones I sell so it is easier to sell I suppose.. Headphone selection to most is limited to walmart or bestbuy around here. There aren't too many local shops that have headphones at all. The ones I think is a good solid deal I buy a lot of and just sell them for little profit but the bulk of my business is my cell phone business.

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Are the SHE3575s the same as the 3580s but with a mic?

I believe the SHH3850's are the mic'd version. Not sure about the SHE3575s??
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Update, got a refund for the IEM's with no issues, he doesn't want me to ship the IEM's back and seemed concerned that I received something that wasn't in new condition.



Well you got a free bee then. Nice. Throw on some newer tips and have at it. I would.

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Rec'd the JLabs medium tips today & stuck them on the Tts. They feel pretty good and as was mentioned perhaps lose a bit of the seal, but they sound pretty good so far, and I don't really notice any loss of bass. Gonna put some time on them tonight.

I usually use the large sized standard tips that are packed in with earphones and when I used the large on the Jlab tips they are too huge. So I opted for the mediums. The crazy thing is even though the mediums don't seal like the traditional large tips do for me the sound is 100%. No loss in sound. I think it is because they are far into your ears. Again make sure the Jlab tips are shoved all the way onto the nozzle of the Isururs and not sitting on the tip groves. This gives the best sound for me..I am gonna experiment with some more tips I just ordered. Will report back with findings. So far the Jlabs for me are the best but I liked how the GR07 foam tips worked on the Isurus as well. 

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Got my pair of these today...



I like the cable better than the 3580(though quite similar in appearance) and they have a gold plated L plug if you prefer that over the Philips straight plug. Also very small and I think they have a better design than the Philips does. Angled with a rounded inside fits in the ear very naturally. Nice small Y with a cord slider and some extra length after the Y. You wear them the same way and either run the cable over the ear or not. That's where the extra length after the Y comes in. Panasonic likes to do the oval sound tubes instead or round ones(part of the Ergofit design theme). They come with slightly nicer tips than the 3580 does.


Not much to say on the sound right now though other than they seem to be about the mids(out front and creamy) the rest is smooth and relaxed. Sounds like it needs burn in. A bit smoothed over. The treble extension is there but non of the brightness/emphasis found in the 3580. You need to EQ up the bass and treble amount to get to the 3580's sound balance. We'll see what burn in and tips accomplish. They are just a plain different sound from the Philips though. 

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Weird, they look identical besides color. I wonder what the difference is.

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I believe the SHH3850's are the mic'd version. Not sure about the SHE3575s??


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Guys bit of help needed.


A friend is having a hard time getting a  seal with the phillips, any idea what double flange tips fit well?

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A tale of 2 new iems. One is good while the other is not so good. Jant71s impressions of the new to us HJE180 is indeed correct. These sound solid and have what we consider a good sound.. So far better than the HJE160 that I had. Does it do one better than the HJE350? It is close but I have to burn them in and do an A/B to compare them both. More on them soon.


Now for the not so good. 21RmWBbYerL._SL500_AA300_.jpgVery cool looking, possibly great sounding cheapo the elago e3. The rave reviews on these from Amazon had me curious. Are these the illusive $10 earphone that will dethrone the mighty SHE3580? The answer. NO.. Not even close. These kinda remind me of what my neighbors dog leaves on our grass every other morning.. If you use your imagination they kinda look like dried up poo. But how do they sound? Like poo. These came to me in a very slick looking box when I opened my Amazon box. 012012145615.jpg Comfort and noise reduction. Well yes but hi definition sound? Hmm.

So what was the issue? Well let start with the rattle on bass notes on the left side. Yup that's right a rattle. Kinda like the rattle you would hear in your cousins cheap honda civic with the flea market bought 12 inch no named subs in the trunk? You know what I am talking about where you hear the rattle of every bass note that hits. If this sound was uniform I would say that is about as close to that effect as possible but unfortunately it was only on the left side.


If I was to magically not allow this annoying rattle affect the sound. Hmm Lets see how would I describe the sound.  How about overly warm tone with almost no definition in the sound. These don't sound like a $10 earphone. They sound like free ones you get on the airplane that are monotone. Terrible don't describe these. Don't be curious about the guys that swear these are so good they had to buy 4 more of them as they are that good. Or the guys that think these best earphones up to $100. 

21 of 23 people found the following review helpful: But not Dsnuts!
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best. Better then Sure, Bose, and so on..., August 9, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: elago E3 In-Ear Noise-Reducing Earphones with Superior Comfort (Compatible iPhone 4, 1G/3GS) (Electronics)

After my top of the line Sure e-350s broke I was in need of some new headphones. Sure was willing to replace the broken ones for $250 but, that is half of what thy cost so I was not at all willing to put $700 in headphones that will break again. After I got these in the mail, I put them on and my first impression was not good. I thought the bass was to much and that the highs where drowned out by it. God was I wrong. After turring the Bass Boster EQ on my iPod off, i played the same song again. My God did it sound good.
To compare them put my Bose sound canceling headphones on and turned the volume up. Yea, they sounded good and they are $200. These are 20 and they sound amazing!


Amazing? I would say they are Amazing alright. Amazingly crappy, kinda like the way they look.

These get my vote as the worst sounding earphones on the planet.. It is gonna be tough to beat the crown for worst sound and get the turd award but these got it from me.

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Jeremy, who left the review on Amazon.com needs to learn how to spell and on top needs to let us know what company Sure is and what model the 350 actually is :)


I would have just ran away from the product if I read a review like the above :)))

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@huxley.. It seems the tip of the SHE3580 is not your normal sized. I can't get my Jlab bi flanges to fit correct. Sony Hybrids and Monster gels fit them perfectly. My other tips are too big for them it seems. Anyone else have some tip suggestions?

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Aren't sony hybrids a bit loose fitting?


Im sure i tried them before, but i'll try them again.


Edit - Yup they fit perfectly fine, thanks dsnuts.

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After one week, modding Isurus, its end to me, I'm back to Stock Isurus, even tips......it give me the best setup for all kind of tracks.




Some mods like plasticine reinforce, kill all Bass, some tips make voices to foward, etc....stock tips open more soundstage , and Stock housing give the best SQ.



I love my Isurus, so must step must be something like a FX-700, SM2, UM3x, etc,......because I don't want get risk, of getting something great, but near  Isurus.




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Glad you enjoy them isurus phones. Don't know if you guys know but Pack21 is Portuguese. Cheers to you my friend and show those to your friends. Spread the love and knowledge to those than just don't know. ..I am actively trying to get one better than the isurus at their price range. Here is 4 more for the fire. 012012153917.jpg UE500, HJE450, Soundmagic PL30, ATH-CKM50-Black

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Got the Philips in today. Spent only about 10 minutes with them so far.


Impression: I hate to say it, I'm unimpressed. I was expecting more over the Monoprice headphones. Maybe that kind of took some of the thunder from it.

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