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The discovery thread.! New NiceHCK DZ7 1DD+6 BA iem impression by ericp10. Page 2153 - Page 46

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Which one the IEMs in this thread is better than Beats Tour. A friend is asking

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That guy reviewed the 3680s...along with 7 other pairs of Philips. It might be you!

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Lol!.Nope actually the opposite. I had to turn down the volume as the sounds are louder..These tips are magical is the only word that comes to mind. I am listening to some Smoky Robinson. Yes some oldies. Oh man! Wow. Smoky never sounded better.  I will just let the first person that gets these tips to try them so they can tell it like it is. Just astounding sound. I have to tell you Joe. I think this single tip find is just as substantial as the actual earphones themselves. And yes I tried using these on the SHE3580. Unfortunately because of the short nozzle on the SHE3580 these don't sit right on them at all.. I am waiting for you to get one actually.. In the mean while you guys know about these?The SHE3680. Looks like the same earphone as the SHE3580 but with better build. I am wondering if there is any difference in sound.


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Are you sure you didn't just turn the volume up higher after changing the tips? confused.gif


Lol at $6.99 I'm sure plenty of people will jump onboard.  Who knows I know that quantitatively tips definitely change the sound of phones, I just haven't heard that change correspond to that kind of change in perception before.


I know it sounds crazy too that for zero dollars flat you can get yourself a custom parametric EQ to make any of the phones recommended here sound out-of-this-world heavenly even with stock tips--heck, more of an improvement than any tip change I've heard or even changing to any other set of 'phones I've heard--yet this is exactly what I'm hearing.  Got myself another Philips--the SHE8005, a with-mic version of the new 8000.  I don't even know how to put the unEQed sound in words anymore... all I have to say is that they sound just as good as everything else I have now (SHE3580, SHE9620, Etys) after EQ.  I would write a full profile on them but no one even responded to the last profile I wrote on the 9620.


People seem to have no interest at all when I claim the EQed SHE3580 outperform the $200 Etys, but everyone seems to be on board for any hardware mods... be it changing tips or anything short of completely taking the phones apart.  I wonder where this mentality that software mods are inherently inferior to hardware mods comes from?


Does anybody doing these mods even have any idea beforehand how the mod will change the sound?  Can the mods be pulled off with enough precision that channel matching won't be affected?  How many of these mods are reversible, so that you can go back and confirm that the sound actually has improved?  Heck, if these mods actually improve the sound why weren't they incorporated into the original design during the manufacturer's R&D to begin with?


With sine sweeps and parametric EQ I am precisely measuring the deficiencies of any given pair of headphones on my ears and precisely compensating for them, more precisely than any hardware mod could.  With EQ the possibilities are endless... perhaps too endless, such that the learning curve is too steep for most people to handle and many end up not improving the sound but the opposite... god knows I've spent 10 years fiddling with EQ and only now have gathered enough knowledge to consistently improve the sound of headphones by ear.  I'd love to share that knowledge, if anyone's interested... apparently not redface.gif Or I'm just not able to put it in words attractive enough to, er, attract people redface.gif


/rant tongue.gif

So you're saying the SHE8000 sounds as good un-EQ'ed as the rest of your phones EQ'ed?  If that's the case, it sounds like the 8k's may be the best of the bunch.


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No, I'm saying that with EQ the 8000 sounds as good as the rest of the stuff I have with EQ. rolleyes.gif
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Try eqing up the bass to your liking. I bet you can get it to thump very hard.


@WTF moment!..Ri-toast.. Trust a bro. Get some of these. You tell them!. I am listening to a Super refined version of the TT isururs.  Cleaner more dynamic highs. Smoother fuller mids..More bass slam and sub bass. Just using these tips! DO it that's an order!! I think with these tips. The EX600 just got out done!

i was reading this thinking *i should get these* YES SIR! <salutes> lol


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Here I am working in my cube minding my own business, SHE3580's in my ears, rockin along. 
Then this comes on:


UB BASS. I'm still amazed at the extension on these. If I could combine the sub-bass from the SHE3580s with the rest of the sound from my TF10s, they would be the perfect sound sig :D

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one thing i noticed about the she9700, is she is very revealing, she likes higher quality stuff she will sound phenominal. if you use lower quality music she will show ya and it doesnt sound as good, where the she3580 can hide faults, if its a crapppy recording she still sounds great.  9700 is a definite step from 3508 more detailed,more open, goes deeper, just wish the build was a little better, in the pics the buds look like metal but there cheap plastic. check this clip out sounds really good on the she 9700. 



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@ Joe. It isn't that we aren't interested. I would love to try all the eq tweeks you have amassed through the ears. I read the comprehensive proper eq techniques thread and I have to tell you for your average music lover eqing consist of upping the bass. Mids or highs pending on sound preference..I think most of the guys on these threads are actually more into hardware and how a phone can sound to you moreso than eq tweeks to get a certain phone to sound that much better.. I know the affects of eQ and imo I know you are correct in that eQ can make a standard earphone or headphone into something else completely. 


A guy that knows much about eQ on another thread of mine RPGWizard can even add soundstage using eq which I thought was impossible until I tried his eQ settings on the HTF600. So the potential of better sound is definitely there using the tool that many shy away from on these threads.


That being said I think most of us are looking for that immediate gratification in what the stock sound can give us. Many will use your standard MP3 or portable rig especially with earphones and will not have access to a higher end eqs. That is the main reason why many will just want the equipment to simply sound great. I think if the foundation of solid sound is in the headphones than it can only sound better with eq. The 2 phones on the thread indeed sound great without much eqing and if you read what others are saying about our earphones on this thread the majority of the guys agree..Fight the good fight my friend and one of these days when I have some more time on my hands I will definitely try out your eq parameters..

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Have we decided which Phones' sound the best out of them all yet?


I was working my way through the thread, got to page 16 and ordered the TTs :P, people seemed to love them, but now on page 35-46 the main talk seems to be about the Phillips SHE3580 and the SHE9700


Which is the best sounding?


The TTs were £15.46, The SHE3580 are £6 in pink and the SHE9700 are £18.76


I dont mind buying the TT and 3580 but if the 9700 are better than both ill cancel the TT order and go with them instead


I listen To Hip Hop and Dubstep mainly, Especially Drake at the moment, so what do you all think?



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It will come down to your sound preference. The TT Isurus has the better technical capabilities but the SHE3580 is very musical with sub bass like you wouldn't believe.. I think you did well with the TT isurus. I listen to a lot of hiphop and Trance on my isurus. It is tops on these genres.. That being said if you come upon a SHE3580 at a local store for cheap. Don't hesitate to pick that up. You might end up liking them just as much. 

The Isurus has the more cleaner sound and detail over both the Philips phones. I do like the bass on the Philips phones but the isurus is not weak in that department either. I would see what you got first and then if your curious. Both those are worthy of purchase.

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I like so much Isurus, that i already thinking recable then a  with Mogami cable.....and if possible a wood or steel housing, they deserve that.

Anyone know how to open the housing? will be easy?

And the wheel TT logo, is fit? I would like to see the effect without it.

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I think ill keep the order for the TTs, i am a fan of real detail


How much difference is there between the 3580, 9550 and the 9700 because i think i fancy another pair just to compare to my Senns and UEs


Do you know of any super cheap headphones that'll be good for the gym?


Thanks again DSNUTS, you're a legend

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I saw this picture of the 3680...



The color/look is nicer, the little case is cool, the tips may even be a little better. Buuuttt, outside of adding the snap slider I think it is still the same cable which would be a shame as that cable is horribly unwieldy.

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@pack21 I would get those Jlab bi flange tips if you want an instant and easy upgrade to the sound on them. Though I am interested in better cable as well but first thing first. Get them tips.


So lookie here what I just got. 011312144922.jpg The GR07. I figure I need an upgrade to these cheapos. Detail is amazing on the GR07s. Very smooth.. Are they a clear upgrade over the isurus? 


Here is where headfiers are gonna probably hate me.. NOPE. The GR07 is fantastic as it should be for the cost. I would like to thank eke2k6 for sending me the link to get these..Don't know how much burn in is gonna change these but wait till you guys get these bi flanges and then someone tell me if even the GR07 is a clear upgrade. To my surprise. I think not.

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

@pack21 I would get those Jlab bi flange tips if you want an instant and easy upgrade to the sound on them. Though I am interested in better cable as well but first thing first. Get them tips.


I would like to buy that tips, but Jlab \ Amazon.com don't ship to EU, and amazon.uk don't sell too.






Did you still  have 3D effect,  with those tips? Same or better than Stock Tips?



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