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The discovery thread.! New NiceHCK DZ7 1DD+6 BA iem impression by ericp10. Page 2153 - Page 2204

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Originally Posted by Pastapipo View Post


It does look like the Muxe X5 which I own and uses the same PCM2704 dac chip.

If it sounds anything like it, I would skip it. Uninspirational bright sound.


If you are looking for a cheap bright dac, which does add some value to the sound, see this device:


Thx a lot for the info @Pastapipo!



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My ops on the Wharfedale Diamond Active A1:




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Today I have been listening to my new Rock Jaw Resonate hybrid iems smily_headphones1.gif
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Been using the LZ-A3S for a bit now and i agree they are awesome

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Got a decent deal to try these out...https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.elecom.co.jp/news/201701/ehp-gb1000_gb100/&prev=search


The new Elecom Grand Bass Hi-Res model



■ Model: Semi-open type, ear plug type

■ Driver unit: dynamic type φ12 mm

■ Impedance: 16 Ω

■ Sound pressure sensitivity: 105 dB / mW

Maximum input: 5 mW

■ Playback frequency band: 5 Hz to 45 kHz

■ Code: 1.2 m (Y type)

■ Plug: EHP-GB 1000 A / φ 3.5 mm 3 pole mini plug (L type), EHP-GB 1000 M / φ 3.5 mm 4 pole mini plug (L type)

■ Accessories: Ear tip (XS / S / M / L), Cord keeper, Case



■ Various functions and features that enable powerful deep bass and clear sound

- Stereo headphone corresponding to high resolution high resolution sound source with information volume more than three times the music CD

● Dynamic driver with large aperture φ12 mm is adopted, play dynamic sound with realistic sensation in a wide range from low to high

● Adopting a composite diaphragm of three layers of PEEK + TPU + PEEK, while realizing a rich and powerful deep bass while a single driver

● PEEK film has high heat resistance and internal loss, and can minimize distortion. Also, it has high rigidity, good high frequency characteristics are obtained, suppresses unnecessary vibration, reproduces dense and delicate sound with high resolution

● TPU film with both strength and flexibility low harmonic distortion, playing heavy bass of powerful and deeply

- Adopting a high magnetic neodymium magnet for the magnet, reproduces the dynamic low-frequency range

● By adopting a lightweight CCAW voice coil, it improves the response of vibration, achieving clear sound quality in a wider range

● By adopting a brass stabilizer for the support part of the driver, by suppressing the reaction of the diaphragm generated from the driver yoke, we realize rich bass sound with sharpness

● The adoption of a semi-open structure with a duct in front of and behind the driver unit, with a duct optimized ventilation resistance, by making the motion of the diaphragm smoother makes the overwhelming deep bass and a clear sound with excellent missing sound realization

● Rich bass reproduction realized by adopting large diameter sound conduit

Adopted an ear cap to improve hermeticity and fit

● Independently separating the left and right ground cords to 4 wires reduces the electrostatic noise between the left and right electromagnetic noise, realizes bass extension and tightened sound



■ Equipped with various functions and features pursuing ease of use besides sound quality

● Use OFC high purity copper wire which achieves clear high frequency regeneration with less signal degradation in the code

● By changing the hardness of the inside and outside of the ear cap, it improves sound quality and fitting feeling

An ear cap is included so that the fit can be adjusted. Includes 4 sizes including general S · M · L size plus even smaller XS size

- The code adopts the 1.2 m code which can connect loosely, it is possible to put together the code with the attached code keeper

● Adopted elastomer material that is resistant to entanglement and excellent resistance

● Sound insulation is high, fitting to the ear firmly "ear plug type", reduce sound leakage, can be used with confidence without being affected by surrounding noise

● Hold the headphones securely, comes with a special case of semi-hard type convenient to carry




Some in the thread remember fondly the older Grand Bass 3570 from a few years ago :) Here we go again! Seemingly a FX99X competitor also using a big driver(12mm and JVC 11mm), Hi-Res, hybrid driver materials( PEN and High Rigidity Carbon for the JVC / PEEK and TPU for the Elecom), both have semi-open design with large rear ducts. Grand Bass does better with accessories and now has a more ergonomic tweak of the old CKR, CH1000/2000 offset strain design. Also seems to be much improved over the 3570 design as far as fit.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Edit: I see they have also come out with new versions of the CH1000/2000


Now with "unexpected supreme sound" which is a bit interesting since the previous versions are 4 star rated on Amazon.JP and 4.5 on Kakaku. Good reviews that I see on them and the are down to $50's range now for the CH2000 so in the future the new ones may be a real budget champ when the prices are similar. Also nice to see claims of big improvement if it is true and nice for a change to see near the same price as the original if they came out unexpectedly better in sound than they may have planned. Similar price and similar thing but better instead of what AT did going from CKR9 to CKR90 where they should have left well enough alone and improved in a few key areas instead of redoing into a new model that few are as happy with.




Those do look sweet! As I mentioned via PM, I haven't been listening to iems very much lately, but this prompted me to dig out the 3570's and throw them on my very expensive Walnut v2 dap... awesome!


I'm looking forward to your impressions of the new beasts :-)

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Man, 3570 + Walnut!! Your poor wallet! :rolleyes: Really the road to financial ruin there, lol!


Seriously those two would make sense to pair together and get a good result knowing about the signatures. 

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