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The discovery thread.! New NiceHCK DZ7 1DD+6 BA iem impression by ericp10. Page 2153 - Page 190

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

See now here is the thing. The whole notion that the FX40 are bright is actually not true. I own 2 pairs of them and on open box yes the sound can sound brighter than most as it gives off much detail. Many will wonder why we even have a thread based on them.  With a solid 100 hours of burn however, they change to something that should not be missed. My pair has easily 400 plus hours of burn and use on them if not more and there is no brightness whatsoever on my well used pair at all.


Guys that mention how bright these are should ask themselves if they did the burn in or not. And the idea that you can get to how my pair sounds with just casual use is simply not going to happen. What it takes is big beat driven EDM compilation on a loop played fairly loud to get the Carbon nanotubes to loosen up. I know we all have a tendency to judge a sound from open box and have an idea about the sound but these are one earphones that simply should not be judged on open box. They need more of a burn in than standard drivers. Very stiff drivers these have.


Now for gym use I think either of the earphones should be fine. Riptides are supposed to be sweat proof which is what you want in a gym buds. Though I haven't read anyone mentioning if they sound better over both the FX40 or the FX101.


I ended up paying $153..Not bad but not great either. I left my XB90 for the big overnight burn in. We will see how they turn out. More impressions of those to come. It will be interesing to hear how the XB30 and the XB60 compare to these. I would hold off a bit until Danny gets the other 2. I am sure he will tell us if the other 2 are worthy. Both being cheaper than these XB90..



Riptides versus FX40/FX101?   sorry,  FX40/101 s sound much better, no contest here.

They sound ok for a cheap  earbud but thats all, not impresed by them not even for their price. i would give them a 3.5 point in my scalewink_face.gif

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i still dont get what's the ABS thing about. but do you feel/hear the difference bwtn the 30 which doesnt have it and the 60/90 which has?

It seems to control the bass more. The 60 and 90 have bigger cleaner sub-bass where the 30's have sub bass but it's less controlled. The 60 and 90 definitely has more rumble.
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For those who have all 3 (FX101, XB90EX and CKS77) which one should I get?

I already own the FX101, but I want to know whether the CKS77 is much of an upgrade to it.

If your saying that the XB90EX is better overall compared to the CKS77 is the bass on the XB90EX better by a lot in comparison to the FX101?
If they aren't that much different should I look for something such as the CKM500?

Oh and does anyone have Equ? Who knows what kind of setting I should have for it for bass, its a really complicated app for me at the moment.


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Dont use any eq then. Eq should never be complicated. If you feel you are missing a bit of the lows. Just up the lower frequencies 30-125hz a couple dbs. If you feel the highs need a little more sparkle just up the lower mids to highs 4k-16khz up a couple dbs. IT shouldn't be too complicated at all, simple as that. For these XB90s I dont need any eq at all.


Eq is a tool based on what you prefer on your sound. As for all these earphones. I think you will do fine with either a CKS77 or a XB90..Both have massive staging for earphones but I would consider the bass on the XB90 as an upgrade over the previous bass earphones the CKS77 and the FX3X..

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Oh ok, so I take it that I should save up for the XB90 then, :)


You reckon CKS77 is much of an upgrade to the FX101? Oh and I can get it for $50.


Does anyone know where to get the XB90EX cheap?

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The CKS77 is superior to the FX101.. There's no two ways about it.. It's an upgrade in every form.. The 90's wont be cheap for a good amount of time and will always be 2x more than the 77s if you can get them for 50 dollars.. I'd go 77s all day as they were the most amazing bass headphone I'd heard but I'll get my hands on the 90s eventually.. As for the ckm500s they are my favorite IEM to date and I easily gave away my 77s for them.. They have more than enough bass and are just superior in every other aspect to my ears.. Just my 2 cents =)

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Oh man!

Sounds like I need to get all 3 of them! Haha,

Budget doesn't allow that :(

I take it you've heard both the CKS77 and the FX101?

Can't find a good enough deal for the CKM500s 

Anyone here wanting to sell? I can't make a classified for some reason!

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I've heard the 101s 40s 77s and 500s.. As well as the gr07s and mg7s.. 500 is still my favorite.. But the 77s for 50 dollars are amazing though if you want the biggest bass sound.. There were a few 500s for sale in the classifieds at 50-60 not too long ago.. Don't know if they've sold or not.. I got mine used for 60

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CDjapan sells them for around $72 shipped. All you need is a credit card. I would go that rout plus you can choose what color you want.

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Those ATH ckm500, keep pooping up in conversations! And are interesting but I guess if I had to jump on yet another dsnuts recommendation, it would be the Sony xb90!

Just hate having all these earphones and only 2 ears!
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So I take it Dsnuts, that you have now crowned the new XB90EX the Bass King? Are the two CKS77 and the XB90EX really close sound wise? because the price gap is quite big :)

Jeez man! 
Its now either,

Save up for the XB90EX!

Buy the CKS77s now!

Or try and get my hands on those CKM500s!

Oh man What SHOULD I DO!

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For bass fans it just don't get much better. These are the reference for bass that is for certain. Sony went all out on these. I know I mentioned how the CKS77 sound like a 2.1. These do too but with a much bigger sub woofer. Lol!

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I would go 77s for 50 right now and then once they arrive if you feel the need to upgrade even further you'll have a few IEMs you can sell off to help fund the 90ex's purchase omnom =).. There's no reason to skip over the 77s at that price and you might find them to be perfect for your ears.. Only reason to go 500s instead is if you want a cleaner sound with less bass.. Otherwise 77s at 50 is it.. Don't hesitate

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LOL, thats what Im doing!

Well I guess it is a deal, but I just feel, wouldn't I rather want the best? 
You know what I mean?
Anyway I might get me some of those Sony Hybrids too,

According to everyone they work with everything!

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Anyone know they cheap seller, who sells the tips in 3 pairs?
I can't find it on ebay, they were about $3?

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