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I know right! Her voice makes your heart melt.


Btw do you still have your KC06A? They sound fantastic these days for me. I can't get enough of the insanely extended treble.


Would be great if you could do an short comparison between them and your DUOZA :D


Here you go. Kc06a with ue900 tips. Douza with spiral dot tips. Off of Ihifi 770 player.


- kc06a's have a bit more mid bass punch

- kc06a's highs are a bit more forward/prominent and douza's highs are a bit smoother

- kc06a's are like sitting at the front row, and the douza's are a few rows back

- both have very wide soundstage

- douza's soundstage have a bit more depth

- douza's seem slightly more balanced, smoother and refined

- kc06a's are a bit punchier and vibrant


Basically, I love both of them. At no point during my comparison was I thinking "this one sucks compared to the other". On the contrary, I was getting lost in the music with both of them.