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The discovery thread.! New Elecom EHP-CH1010 iem impression by Jant71. Page 2207. - Page 26

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OKAY!!! So which one guys? I really need your help, which ones with the Isurus???

Meelec Tri-flangehttp://www.meelec.com/product_p/tipset3-bf50m-mrg-bk.htm
Meelec Double-flangehttp://www.meelec.com/product_p/tipset3-bf50m-mrg-bk.htm

Sony hybridshttp://www.amazon.com/Sony-EPEX10A-BLK-Replacement-Earbuds/dp/B001RB24UA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1325393312&sr=1-1

Generic (looks like Meelec) Tri-flangehttp://www.amazon.com/Pair-Mens-Size-Replacement-Information/dp/B004CN91Q0/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1325393345&sr=1-2

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What about foams like complys? Aren't foams known to soften the treble and vent some of the bass out?
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I like the Meelec double-flange but our ears are all different, so...


I've read a few reviews of the CKM99, and like Nuts says many of them do seem to be describing what I'm hearing with the Isurus. I don't mean to say I think they're the same, it's just interesting.


Comply T400s work fine on these FYI.wink.gif

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Happy new year everyone. I hope we all survive the end of the world next year.. I will have my mp3 and my state of trace blasting while the world blows up. Thats whats up!

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T-400s seem to balance the Isurus out best to my ears.

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Went ahead and bought the Isurus for $15 on ebay and sony hybrids, didn't gey the complys they cost as much as the Isurus itself. How the is Isurus for EDM? Also are these sport friendly can I go snowboarding with them?

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

The sound signature is an easier one to listen to as the SS is of the Philips is a bit on the warm side making them an easier listen..

Funny, I think the Isurus are actually warmer, since there's quite a bit of upper bass bleed into the midrange. Of course they have forward and agressive highs to counterbalance, but the lower mids appear warmish. The Philips are pretty polite on top, but their lows are well behaved and stay clear of the midrange, which seems to be better balanced and have more realistic timbre to my ears.

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Originally Posted by SanjiWatsuki View Post

Not confirmed to be the best, but I know M6 tips fit the Tt and the T500s fit the M6. I just assumed. 


Can confirm that the T500's fit fine.  Burning mine in now.


Do you guys notice also that when you press on the buds (for example, to get a better seal), the sound level attenuates significantly until you stop pressing?  I found this a little strange and unlike my other IEM's.  Thought at first it was an angle issue, but it seems to be pressure based.


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Can someone with both the Isurus and the SHE3580 try to compare their nozzle sizes? So far I get the impression the SHE3580 are probably a bit smaller but many tips should still be interchangeable.
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It seems you are a lone dissenter...

Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post


I got a pair of the Tt's in a nice, almost Ferrari, red.  They sound OK overall, won't make you rip them out in a minute, and are probably the most listenable of the el cheapo IEM's I have played around with.  Construction from the Y up looks like it could be iffy and I absolutely hate the asymmetric cable length between the Y and the buds themselves -- I never liked wearing one segment of cable behind my neck, although I understand why it is done.  


That said, these are by no means giant-killers and in no way do they begin to approach the higher tier IEM's as has been stated.  Some people believe what they want to believe in trying to get something for nothing. I own several better quality IEM's and not only do these fail to even begin approaching their performance, the Tt's will not even make it into my car's glove compartment or my tennis bag, which are the usual destination for lesser quality buds.  If you want something on the cheap that is listenable, these might suit you.  If you are more serious about your music and sound quality, you will quickly recognize them for what they are.  A passable, cheap pair of earphones.  





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Originally Posted by geoxile View Post

It seems you are a lone dissenter...


Hardly.  There others here that aren't nuts about them.   I did say that that they are probably the most listenable of the cheap earphones I've tried.  But they are what they are.    

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010112120216.jpg So this is very interesting. The tips make your isurus sound like a complete different earphone. Here is what I mean.

The Meelec biflanges on the left tames not only the highs but also the bass so you get a very nice flatter response.. The Sony hybrid on the right not as much for more of a fun sound signature. In other words the Sony hybrids give nice clean extended highs with more bass punch than the biflanges but is better than the stock. I took my Meelec biflanges from my CC51 and threw them on this morning. These make the most sound change out of all the tips so far.


No need to argue if you like them or not. I appreciate you just trying them out. There is no such thing as the perfect earphone/ headphones for everyone. I know for a fact one mans sound heaven is another mans ear ache.. That will happen to every single headphone and or earphone that is on headfi..Ultimately it is up to the individual if they want to give them a go. If you guys end up not liking the isurus much it will be an easy sell. I am still waiting on word if these are indeed rebrands. You guys will be the first to know.

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do you think i need to burn my isurus more? they kind of low not loud at all?

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Wow really.? There is no way I would blast my Isurus to max.. They go too loud for me on louder volumes..I wonder if there is something wrong on your isurus.


I don't know if any of you guys have this issue but with mine on some musical devices I can't put the 3.5 jack all the way in or it doesn't sound right at all. I have to take about 1/4th of the jack out in order for the sound to be correct. On my portables and cell phones it is perfect fit but I noticed this with my computer plug in for my sound card.

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

 I am still waiting on word if these are indeed rebrands. You guys will be the first to know.

Well they are not rebrands on the strict definition. My Carvin are rebrands and are exactly the same whether they have JTS, Galaxy, Carvin, or OSP on them.


I can hear that these are a gaming phone and the way they separate and position/image is at times not very accurate at all for music(though enjoyable IMO). This makes them great to keep along with my TF10 as the sound balance is similar but the presentation is quite different. FWIR about the AT, the presentation would seal the deal about them being an AT driver.


I'll put forth my thought of which direction to look. The OEM who makes the Fischer Audio phones. The Isurus name, the packaging, the presentation and aspects of the sound, and a Toughstuff model uses the same housing.




David8613 sounds like his aren't right. They are one of my easier to drive phones.


@Dsnuts...I wanted to try the Isurus with my P->S adapter which made the 5010 sound improve nicely but I knew that usually three prong phones won't give both channels with it. I got a weird result. Both channels worked with it but they sound weird, echoey, and distorted.


Oh, and I did grab a Philips on ebay for $9.95 expedited shipping that should be here before the end of the week. Better since I believe the PO is closed Monday. 

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