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The discovery thread.! New Elecom EHP-CH1010 iem impression by Jant71. Page 2207. - Page 191

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The hybrids don't really work with the 77s because they have a larger nozzle.. You'd want to get some of the MEElec tips instead because of the wider bore.. It gives more of that amazing AT sound off.. I have no doubt that the 90s are better than the 77s but if the option is even just 80 percent of the 90s sound at 50 dollars compared to ~130 for the 90s then that choice is easy.. Then you can decide how easy it will be for you to pay out the 130 for the upgrade it will provide.. At least that would be my course of action =)

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Sounds fair enough to me!

Well, what MEElec Tips do I wanna get?
Could you send me a link please?

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Oh do these MEElec tips work with most earphones too? like my FX101?

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This is what you want..




There are other combinations for cheaper but that gives you every tip in every size so you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit/seal.. The other option would be this..




If you knew for sure you didn't want the extra long tips or short biflange tips from the other package.. These would give you the 3 sizes of the single flange tips plus 1 double and 1 triple flange.. Choice is completely up to you on which you find more value in.. I couldn't even picture using any IEM now without the short bi flange from the first link so I'm glad I didn't go the cheaper/less tips route


** just saw your 2nd post.. Yes they work with most IEMs and they work perfectly with the 101s.. Of course some IEMs will have smaller nozzles though so they wouldn't fit those.. Like the MG7s.. But the 101s 40s 77s and 500s all fit and benefit from them =).. I couldn't tell you one way or the other for the 90exs though but I would assume they fit as well =)

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These will work with every earphone right?

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I thought hippo vb were bass kings

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Has anyone tried the Hippo VB and the CKS77?

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Lol you gotta stop.. Buy the 77s.. They are it.. Or save up for the 90exs.. There really isn't another choice.. Or keep comparing everything to everything and stick with the 101s =)

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Hahahhahahah, thats bloody just what I'm doing!!!
I keep delaying it aye,

I just wanna make sure that I make the right decision and not regret it!

Well from your reassurance I might as well take the leap,

But regarding those Eartips, is there any way to get it cheaper, shipping is whats making it so much more, its just because I live in New Zealand :(

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I've got no idea.. I purchased through the site.. Would probably have to google to find them elsewhere but I'm not sure where that would be

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DUDES stop talking about the 77s and the CKM500s, OFF TOPIC!.........cuz cuz makes me want get them too. T_ _T 


Haha Kinda in the same boat as you Omnom but it's with the JVC FXD 70's or the S500s, although I really want to give the CKM500s a try as well just to see what the hype is about.


Oh one more thing that you might want to consider if you are getting the ATH's with the hybrid earbud/ in ear design. If wearing normal earbuds hurts your ears like it does for me, these ATH hybrid housings might be a problem comfort wise. As I have the Isurus Tt's and Brainwavz Beta v2's with similar housings they were not that comfy, BUT the mee bi-flange helped a lot in that area. Without it I could never wear them for more than 30 mins tops. So the bi-flange tips are a must it seems......


This is the main factor holding me back from getting the CKM 500s, and was also why I was concerned about the big housing of the sony XB90EX's. 



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Thanks for that Sfwalcer, Looks like I will try them out first, if they really are a problem I may as well get the Ear tip package :)

Man there are just to many IEMs out there that are all so tempting to buy!

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I know right? Wish I didn't buy my superlux HD 668B's and HD681F's ha, these damn JCV FX40s have ruined them for me, although they are very capable for their price, now that I have had a taste of these nanotube HD/ 3D like sound I can never go back.  T^T


Anyone want to buy some superluxes? LMAO  dead serious


WEAKKKKKKKKK, someone just bought the FXD 70's that were going for $65 shipped on ebay just as when I was about to buy, and loss the bid for the 80's as well troLoLoLoLoLO.  I know it's one of you from this thread.....


Think this is a sign to wait it out........ ph34r.gif

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Originally Posted by Omnom View Post

Has anyone tried the Hippo VB and the CKS77?

I'm no expert but I tried both the 77 and the VB, my opinion...... Get the 77's.  The VB's don't even come anywhere near them. It's like comparing a Honda Accord, to a Murcielago.

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Lol, So it beats the vb in every aspect including bass and clarity?

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