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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

The dx90 has the most blackest background I heard. And the background details are easy to hear while not being analytical💕😍 more natural then the fiio x5 😎

Once you go black, you don't go back.  :basshead:


I'm getting mine soon also, along with X5, DX100, and Concero HP, and it will be an orgy.  Will be lots of plugging ins and outs.  :veryevil:  Will let you guys know da champ.  There will only be one keeper, only one will survive the orgy.

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Saw her this afternoon at the WFMU record fair, really nice, videod on my phone, but not too steady, this is a better way to listen (think I posted it before but since I just heard her today, figured it's OK to repost...besides, I think most readers just fast forward past the music posts anyway)...she's really sweet, good recent album (if you like this sort of country gal singing)

Guess the fair was successful, came home with a shopping bag of LP's and another of CD's, don't have the patience to go through hundreds of isles of dusty LP's the way I used to, but did fine some nice stuff.

Sounds like the dx90 is a unanimous rave (even before you listen to it!!! smily_headphones1.gif). May have to pull the trigger (other threads are not so unanimous, by the way, X5 liked more by some, dx100 liked more by many (but more expensive, though I believe it will be cheaper due to the competition of it's younger brother the dx90).
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Not selling this, ima keep both dx90 and zx1, and Android and a dedicated music player 😁😜
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Good riddance for the fiio x5, this is a total no bug package <3
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Krash kale- realize album is mind blowing me nao😍😱😲😵
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We need spam patrol.
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Originally Posted by DannyBai View Post

We need spam patrol.

Yes we definitely do need that

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A bit of an observation on the Singolos burn in. I noticed the fundamental difference in BA burn in and dynamic burn in are somewhat different. Dynamics and you guys know need to flex them diaphragms in order for the sound to tighten and refine.  BAs don't benefit from the Drum n Bass blast dynamics benefit from. They just need to have music playing through them.. Case in point. I have the Singolos burning in separately than my other phones and I have noticed a steady change in how the sound is produced. 50 hours in and they have opened up with better clarity, better range, better everything actually..


They are tip dependent as well. I went from using the MH1 tips to my UE tips. The sound went from a flat type of sound to a very dynamic one in a matter of a few days I have been sending  music through them. BAs definitely benefit from music burn in.

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The CKR5s have been burning in with my CKR9s and Tenors.. The sound is starting to settle but something is off in tonality for the CKR5. They definitely have a veil to the sound and it is mostly due to the over emphasis of the bass region..


With that being said.. I have my narmoo S1s in my ears. These trump the CKR5 in every way and form. I will give these another weeks worth of burn in and see where they go but they still have a ways to go before I would consider them worthy of being the successor to the CKM500.. Not even close at this point..


Heck I think the $25 Philips SHE9710 is a better phone at this point as well. I can't help but be disappointed. The CKR5 seems to be a very consumer oriented tuning. :(

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I don't have these AT's, but do like the Narmoo, think it is a really good iem at the price
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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

I don't have these AT's, but do like the Narmoo, think it is a really good iem at the price

I might have had too great of expectations from the CKR5s..They are balanced fairly well but that bass is large and while I have no problems with a bassy signature. These also sound like a closed earphone/ closed headphone with that big bass.. The CKM500 was semiopen so they had the larger stage and depth than these. I was hoping AT revised the CKM500. I love the CKR10 and the CKR9 is shaping up nicely as well but these CKR5s are not meeting expectations, .But I will reserve judgment till I get at least 200 hours on them. 


Oh yea S1s are indeed a nice surprise from Narmoo.

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OK, went for the iBasso DX90, ordered tonight, now I have to look for some moonlighting work...keep the incoming packages out of the little lady's sight. Yeah, right
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Good call. I have been using my DX90 ever since I got it. New firmware 2.05 makes what was already an excellent sound even more reference in quality.  Oh and I highly recommend you guys do the 400 hours of burn in like Ibasso suggests. There is a reason behind this..Worth the effort. It is actually easy..I just charged and played music straight though. Repeat. Conditions the battery real well too..


The dual sabre chips sound amazing but add 2X buffers and no less than 7X op amp chips in a marvelous amp portion and you get one stupendous sounding player.


If budget allows or you lie about how much you need to sell your gears to survive, Highly recommended.


Also I recently upgraded to the new Fiio 3.0 firmware. If you guys own a X3. The new firmware makes the X3 sound more neutral with better SQ.

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Originally Posted by drbluenewmexico View Post

re Singolos:  yep yep yep.  sometimes they sound a bit "stretched thin" compared to the Doppios, like another driver would have made them fuller.  but even then they are still right on in timbre tone musicality and enjoyment.  sometimes less is better, sometimes more is better.
better get  tonoes singles and doppios.  or wait till zero audio does hybrid multi driver ism....Singulos go with almost every player, style of music and amp...a real performer.....honor the SINGALO ALARITY
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😞What's wrong with everyone 😞...i wasn't lying. I got $400 overdraft charge and with a quarter of what I sold I paid it off and had some money left for better items😭
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