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The discovery thread.! New Elecom EHP-CH1010 iem impression by Jant71. Page 2207. - Page 1180

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Where can I order these Pistons to the UK?

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Great work thatBeatsgyu!

My are on their way since a couple of days. Can't wait to get them smily_headphones1.gif
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Already in my list but this excellent write-up/impressions confirms me order soon......

Edit > you sure you got the original ones? And where did you order them? Btw if a note saying that this model( golden) is the updated version of the regular pistons would've been little informative........to those who are little/ not known of pistons
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Wow nice review TheBeatsGuy! You sound like a really intelligent 14yo :)

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Originally Posted by thatBeatsguy View Post

Thanks thatBeatsguy, great review. Those pistons look promising, do you mnd telling us where and how did you get them?? Would it be to much to ask if you get one for me? :bigsmile_face:

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how about here: http://www.xiaomiworld.com/

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Awesome review @thatBeatsguy !

Thank you!

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I can't take it any longer, I think I will have to buy the Pistons. I wasn't a fan of the Deltas, so I hope these do not disappoint haha. I can't decide though! 

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Already ordered, hopefully won't take too long to get them, awesome review!!!

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well in case of 16$ phones 20$ price doesn't seem overpriced, but look at their MI3 phone prices. :) all clear now? :biggrin:


well, it's not relevant for pistons so I digress...

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Nice review on Pistons. I ordered mine from ibuygou over a week ago via snail mail. Hopefully I'll see it sometime next week (or week after that).
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You asked for it, and you will have it in a few: three-way comparison of the XBA-H3, AS-2 (although I've heard the ASG-2 and spent a lot of time with it, I actually own the custom version AS-2 with no adjustable bass. The signature of the two Aurisonics are very similar, with AS-2 being slightly better to my ears due to custom fit), and the Cardas. I will have this posted in a little while - quick impressions.

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So here are my initial brief thoughts on how the H3, AS-2, and Cardas Ear Mirror compare. I first need to state that all three are very capable IEMs. Although i haven't listed it in my signature yet, the H3 is up there with the AS-2 and Cardas. There is no doubt about this to my ears. It will really depend on the sound signature preferences of each of you in deciding with one is best for you. I will choose one signature I like the best at the end of this, but I hold all three equally in high regard. Why is that? Well, it's simply because each bring a little something different that I enjoy listening to in an earphone. There is not one in the three that possesses a sound signature so great that I feel like I can do without the other two. I couldn't do a "if you could only keep one" question. I will do, however, a "if you could only keep two" question and answer at the end of this. Okay, so here we go:




- The H3 clearly has the wider soundstage of the three. It feel more like sitting in a medium concert hall and maybe no more than 10 rows back. (By the way, all three have very similar full 3-D sound, so I won't nitpick there)

- This is the clear winner when it comes to clarity and details in vocals. That super tweeter BA is something marvelous inside of the H3. Vocals are sweet and refined.

- This is more airier of the three earphones with great space between instruments. Also the most refined (not that the other two aren't refined). A complaint, however, could be that some of the sound might be almost too smooth for some ears.

- Sub-bass seems to be more prominent and separated from the mid-bass in the H3 than in the other two phones, but sometimes the bass overall can sound a bit too smooth for me. The bass is like a fine cognac when sometimes you need a bit of strong whiskey in the bass instead of that smoothness. Again, this is a personal preference. The bass is a very good but I would prefer not so refined and smooth sometimes. Same with the drums, but it sounds very good.

- The smoothness in sound, however, make the piano sublime to my ears! I love it  Guitars (electric and acoustic) sound wonderful but are lacking a little bit of edge - again - because of the smoothness of sound.

- The highs are the clear winner here. I've never heard such extended highs that didn't hurt my ears. Sony learned after those dagger like highs in the EX-1000 and EX-600. I'm not really a highs type of guy, but these highs are superb and quite extended to my ears. That super tweeter helps give the H3 the most clarity, transparency and details of the three. 

- I've never heard horns sound so beautiful and full and detailed as hear in the H3. This is truly a great earphone for jazz.




- The AS-2 wins with a natural sound in the drums. I think this is mainly because its signature is not as smooth as the H3. Drums and bass are my favorite two instruments. the AS-2 has the edge in reproducing natural sounding acoustic bass, drums and percussion.

- Here is where I have to remind people that the AS-2 is a stage monitor and the H3 isn't. The functions of the two earphones are different, although many of us head-fiers use both for our music listening enjoyment. With that stated, the AS-2 doesn't have wide soundstage as the H3. Instruments sound much closer together on the soundstage. There is, however, good spacing between instruments, but closeness in soundstage is prominent. So listening to the AS-2 is like being in a much smaller venue (like a small jazz) club and closer to the musicians. You're not onstage with them as it was with the Earsonics SM3, but you are close to the music.

- Md-bass and sub-bass mix together more in the AS-2 than  H3. This is not a bad thing to me. Again, it more about preference. Piano and other mid instruments (keyboards, etc.) do not have that same clarity as in the H3, but it is clear. Piano can sound a bit harsh sometimes in the AS-2.

- Electric and acoustic guitars, however, have more bite to my ears when listening through the AS-2. AS-2 says rock & roll to my ears more than the H3 (more suited to jazz for my ears but sounds good with everything). You want that slam in the guitar and drum, the AS-2 will command your attention. Yet, it's not as airy as the H3.




- The Cardas is somewhere in between the AS-2 and H3 in soundstage (but leaning more toward the AS-2). 

- Vocal clarity is great but not quite up to the standard set by the H3, but it's there

- Highs are the most recessed here when comparing it to the other two earphones, but highs are there with nice extension. The more burn-in the more the highs come out, and I like the highs just fine. For highs lovers, however, there may not be enough for you in the EM5813.

-  Guitars are solid but are little behind in the AS-2 in edge. Acoustic guitar, however, resonates better to my ear than it does out of the AS-2 or H3.

-  Space between instruments is better here than in the AS-2, but not better than the H3

- I like the piano better here than in the AS-2, but again, not better than the H3.


So that is about it. I used the DX50 and the Fiio E10 as my sound sources (Fiio connected to my desktop Mac of course). Daft Punk's Lose Yourself To Dance, Freddie Hubbard's Little SunFlower, Hall & Oates' I Can't Go For That, and Kem's Share My World were the test tracks used. 


I really hesitated in including the Cardas in this comparison because it changes quite a bit with the more burn-in I put on it, and it's still not done. But since so many requested it I decided to throw it in. Without a doubt, these three are the best sound earphones I own right now (I have to throw in the 1964 EARS V6). I didn't say best sounding universals since the AS-2 is a custom, but I'm sure I would include the ASG-2 as one of my best sounding universals with the other two if I still had it. Okay, so if I could only keep two which two would it be? It would be the H3 and AS-2. Please don't take that to mean I'm falling out of love with the Cardas. I am not. The H3 is the biggest surprise to me in sound (and the fact that I can wear it comfortably). I prefer the large and wide UE900 silicon tips, however, to make the H3 sound its best to my ears. And yes, overall, I like the H3's signature the best, but that could change depending on my listening needs. That's it for now. Happy listening.

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Forgot something: I think strings are sublime in the H3 above the other two.

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