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I think for guys considering buying one of these as your next player has to consider the type of phones you own..Guys saying one dap is superior over the other. The funny thing is I have seen that on both camps. DX50 is better than the X3 in the DX50 thread. And in the X3 thread the X3 is better than the DX50.


The truth of the matter is I think both will be very capable but again if all the phones you guys own are bass heavy big sounding phones with rolled off highs the DX50 should give that sound more stage separation and highs it needs. Phones that are bright or more detailed neutral phones will benefit from the deep full sound and the touch of warmth the Fiio sound will present. The theory just makes sense. I will get my DX50 here on the 3rd batch of players being shipped. Will see if it holds true. I bought it just to hear my CKS1000 in full glory. Lol.


So consider the theory and may it help ya'll choose the right player for you..Or just get both and have your lobster with your prime rib..

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^ Good points. Could get a bit tricky to determine which one to get if you have a few different ear/headphones with different signatures... unless you just get both of course lol.


I am actually appreciating having fairly neutral portable and desktop sources (in the Colorfly C3 and the HifimeDIY dac), and having two different sounding amps in the C&C BH and the Fiio E12 because I can then always mix and match to find the best synergy regardless of what ear/headphones I'm listening to, and regardless of whether I'm in mobile or desktop mode.


For instance, I usually have the C3+BH together (and most of my portables sound great off of that combo), and I usually have the HifimeDIY+E12 together at my desktop (the X1's and the AD900X's sound great off of that combo). If I want to go mobile (even around the house) with the X1's though, then no problem - I just get the C3+E12 combo going. Mix and match baby :)

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Yup hence the beauty of owning some different flavors. More phones you have the more sources will come into play..The benefit of a neutral source is more versatility but the benefit of a more musical dimensional one is if you get synergy happening with the right phone it is added bliss that extra something that sets off the sound. The negative being it will be less versatile than the neutral presentation. Aha the chemistry of sound.


I think this amp is a great idea. http://www.head-fi.org/t/674808/fiio-e12diy-limited-edition-version-updated-on-6-9-can-balance-the-payment-right-now#post_9663122 The fact that you can change up the sounds from your amps whenever you feel like it..That is very cool.

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Originally Posted by sfwalcer View Post

^ DO you have the Sony MH1Cs tips??? For me those gave me the best fit/ seal and comfort. You might wanna try it out if you have those tips.




I also think that the Sony hybrid tips are very good with the S2. These should be easier to find as well.

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Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

OK, gotta go unbox S2, turn on Jets-Patriots game...J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! 


I'm waiting for your intial impressions on the S2 vs Gratitudes:beyersmile:

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I get my Deltas this morning and had to get my cup o bucks and throw them in my ears just to see what Brainwavz been cooking. After hearing these. I am gonna have to reconsider them R3s. If the R3 scale in value like these Deltas. I think we will all be in for a real nice surprise with the R3s.. So onto the Deltas. These earphones for the asking price clearly shows the type of commitment to sound that other manufacturers should strive for. For your $20 you clearly get your monies worth in sound and a solid build. The sound is even, balanced, clear, well represented across the entire spectrum.

At first listen I was kinda worried the phones was another cheap sounding budget fi but the stock tip didn't seal the sound in for me so I switched to the foams that was provided and lo n behold the bass comes into play which was clearly missing from initial listen.


I messed around with some other tips and settled on the double flange tips that was provided with my M5 earphones..Which gives a touch more space separation and that bass..These are not bass heavy or treble happy or mids happy..The balance on these earphones are actually commendable. Not too many phones that cost $20 sound like these or do they have the balance these do..These to me sound way better than the cheapo Panasonics, JVC, Sonys, Philips, and many phones I have heard at this cost range..Guys looking for a big bass phone these are not it but what these do have is a solid sound from the treble to the bass..Sure it could use more stage, have more depth, Bass reach lower and the treble more air, mids more detailed but we are talking about a $20 phone that don't have me wanting too much more in any region of sound. These are quite simply a solid sounding phone at any price range let alone $20..


I think Brainwavz has outdone themselves with these earphones. If this is an indication of where they are headed with their new earphones. I have to say. I am impressed. Good job fellas. I am enjoying them as I type and that is the ultimate goal of any earphone at any price let alone a $20 phone. These sound damn good. Lol. Next time ya'll are on Mp4nation grab yourself a pair..

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BackerKits for Geeks going out on Tues/Wednesday. I think I'll get either a blue or silver one.

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Green for me..I am very eager to hear the Geek. Everyone that got one should post a pic of their geeks once they get them.

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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

Green for me..I am very eager to hear the Geek. Everyone that got one should post a pic of their geeks once they get them.


I did consider one of the more unconventional colors but I really don't see any of my gear matching green or red. Laptop's silver and the rest is either in blues or blacks. lol

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Ya nothing I have is green either but I like the idea of having something completely different in color. I usually stick with your classic silver or black but this time I think anodized green is gonna look real nice or blue.. Which would be my 2nd choice.

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Ya the whole synergy thing happening with these daps. My theory is a simple one. Opposites attract in life and in sound. I think the KEF M500 will sound much better on the X3 vs the DX50. The reason why the DX50 got my interest is because they are supposed to have the classic more detailed wide presentation in sound vs the X3s deeper full sound presentation..These 2 players will sound different even though they both use the same WM8740..

So my colored phones will play nice with the DX50 and more detailed, neutral phones will mesh more with the X3. Just a theory of course..Something like the S2 and X1 will sound good on both types of sound. I can't deny it has crazy synergy using the X3. It will be interesting to hear how the S2 sounds on the DX50.

On a related note. I just found out my CKM99, CKN70s has some nice synergy happening with my X3 as well..Seems AT brightness meshes well with a warmer sound of the X3.

Dsnuts have you tried your CKM500 with X3? I found that I prefer CKM500+X3 more than 1K+x3
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The 1Ks don't play well on the X3s which was a shocker to me. You would think the full sound of the X3 would mesh well with the full sound of the 1Ks but it is like they cancel each other out. The worst synergy I have heard from any of my phones. I think the DX50 will do much better using the 1Ks. The CKM500s sound great on all my sources actually. They do have much better synergy with the X3s. Just threw them on my X3. So it seems all my AT phones benefit from the X3 minus one CKS1000.

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M200 and DX50 works well together.  I might have to try the M500 combo again for Wayne's sake.  

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