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The discovery thread.! NEW Bette hybrid review by jekostas. PG 1972. - Page 1574

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Originally Posted by mikaveli06 View Post

Originally Posted by doctorjazz View Post

Haven't head the others, W40 is a great sounding ism, cables just what you like as well.
I beleive it was some of ur posts that piqued my interest in them......

And what ive been waiting for, possiblr game changer....vsonic v7007 is finally happening http://www.head-fi.org/t/712572/review-vsonic-v7007-finally#post_10414040

Hey, if I can't convince you to get new headphones, where will I get my stuff??!!! biggrin.gif
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April fools joke ^^^^^😂
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I want IEMs to go with my ES700s and AD900X to completely the trifecta. Even though they are old news I'm really considering a purchase of the CKS1000s. What are some IEMs you guys would recommend for around $130 or less? The ES700s are my favorite headphones so far if that helps at all :P

^ The CKS1Ks are very similar to the ATH WS99s but the CKS1Ks is more refined in its overall micro detailing with slightly more nuances to their sound.


Best for you to just wait for the Sony H3s when they drop in price tbh, cuz the H3s are nice upgrade to the CKS1Ks tbh.



Originally Posted by BenF View Post

ES700 is mid-centric, Sony MH1C sounds somewhat similar.

^ LAMO, NO!!!


These two sound nothing like each other at all. The ES700s has a MUCH more delicate mid-centric sound with decent bass and treble ends, more like a gradual upside down "U", while the MH1Cs are almost bass cannon like in their presentation with a super smooth treble and nicely forward mids.


The BIG bass of the MH1Cs was shocked me when i 1st heard them cuz did not expect them to be so bass, so compared to the mid centric sound of the ES700s they couldn't be farther from one another. The FAD V and the Sony H3s would be a complete and total upgrade to the MH1/Cs if you are looking for something with almost the dead exact sound/ presentation but brings the refinement to another couple of levels, esp. the H3s. :)



^ But why would you get the MH1C for $44 when you can get the MH1 for $16 shipped in both black or white from this HK seller??? I ordered like last week and got them in this week, so shipping is a lil' more than a week which is CRAZY fast. But sadly it only comes with one set of tips unlike others that have gotten two sets of colored tips. :  (






But it does come with a lil' adapter for devices that these MH1 might not work on so...... not bad for the price at all. In fact i just ordered 2 more sets. :bigsmile_face:

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But is it worth $16 shipped???regardless of the tips.......
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Just repurchased my fx850 😢😁💕😍...now the wait for two weeks 😎😎
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What happen to your first one? 

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Deceased by my careless mistake 😢...but after reunion it will feel so good 💕😍. .
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Originally Posted by laon View Post

What happen to your first one? 

Someone decided to go and fix what he called "perfect", so karma came in to say "Hi"

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Congratulations, I know you missed them.
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Originally Posted by mochill View Post

Deceased by my careless mistake 😢...but after reunion it will feel so good 💕😍. .
both of my lasr tenso orders have been on my doorstep in 5-6 days.....pretty quick
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Thanks peter😁...i know I'll enjoy the hell outta them😍.......plus I got extra tips and a cable😂
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Also the fiio x5 should be here in a couple days 😎
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deceased by careless mistake and you just simply go get another one. you must work in the grandest yoghurt shop in the galaxy :confused:

i'm envious.

i could add up the cost of all my gear (admittedly little) and it would be only enough for one FX850

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Welp, the harman kardon cls arrived. They're pretty good for the price to be honest. I don't know about $200 good *as the mikros and re700s whoops them in bass quality, and the highs can be definitely subjective as the lower highs, upper mids of the audio technica aand mikros can be annoying sometimes* but other than that, these are pretty good. I like that the mids are more engaging than the audio technicas, and almost beats the engagement in the mikros90, I haven't done a direct comparison yet, but I do enjoy the detail these give out, just enough to be up there with the mikros. 


The micro details are, surprisingly, present. I expected these kardons to miss out on some important nuances, but nope! It even doe sa great job of separating different tonality, pitch, and tones from singers and instruments. I love the highs on these, not as much as the mikros, but close enough to be satisfied (as the lower treble needs to be forwarded a bit).



They are pretty nice looking, and are...surprisingly comfortable with glasses. I am not joking, no damage on the ears, sit flush on my ears with no comfort problems, compared to the jarring pain I had with the mikros 90 and re700 the first time I wore them. The mikros90 and re700 are MUCH more comfortable the way they are now, but if we are talking out of box comfort, these harmans do a great job! 


Pretty good, people should buy this as a secondary headphone for the fun sound it provides. :jecklinsmile:

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Once again I've been stung by customs. My IM70 cost ¥10800 (£62/$104) from Amazon Japan, then shipping and usage fee from Tenso was £14 ($23) so £76 ($126) all in.

I received a letter today from Parcel Force saying I owed £6.79 import VAT and £13.50 clearance fee before they release my parcel so all in they've charged me £20.29 ($33.74) frown.gif

So after Tenso fees and customs I ended up paying £96 ($159.62). The last time I bought IEM's (CKN70) from Japan (via Tenso) I got charged £24 ($39.90) in customs. I think I might have to stick to purchases from the UK from now on.
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