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Supertips Sitation

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I bought a pair of MTPCs on and from amazon for 220. Everything looks fine and authentic BUT the supertips look odd. I also have the turbine pearls and the supertips look MUCH more different. I mean they are 100% authentic. Did monster change they're supertips design? They just are VERY different than my pearl's supertips. From having 11 pairs of beats and monster's, I know for a fact they're real. Any thoughts?

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In What way do the tips look odd ? post pics if you can 

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Okay. I will right now. download.htmdownload1.htmdownload2.htmdownload3.htm do you see all these weird dimples? I mean.. I just don't get it. Is this an old design of supertips? And also in some of them they have bubbles from the gel they filled them with. Any thoughts?

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Do you know what this could be?

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They are the gel super tips ,the first run was very solid and round ,most people thought they were to hard and most of us had trouble getting to fit in our ears , the next batch are the ones that you have ,they are real ,i had the originals with my golds and coppers last year but the first run of golds and coppers never came with the foam super tips. Monster kindly sent out foam super tips and a set of the second version of gel tips which you have to many of us.


Recently i got the miles Davis tributes which have the latest and nicest version of the gel super tips .

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I really love my MTPC. They deff sound less tinny than the pearls. Thanks for the help! I was getting worried for a second. How are the miles Davis tributes to the MTPC?

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Glad to hear you are enjoying your coppers ,They were my favorite for several months until i got the Sm3 last year .

The coppers have a thinner ,brighter sound with more sparkly treble  ,and a more defined and accurate bass ,however the tributes bass is thicker ,harder hitting and more fun to listen to and the midrange is more natural and more musical and enchanting to these ears.


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I almost bought the Miles Davis Tributes, but I was in the airport and listened to them and they sounded "off" to me. I'm am quite sure this was because there was no burn in time. I also figured the MTPC's would be better for pop and hip hop. The pearls were also a very nice choice. The MTPC's are just thinner sounding and more clear. I love them both though. Have you ever listened to them?

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And also what are some other brands that provide astounding sound? I have been with Monster Cable forever... I have debated Westones and IE's.... but any other recommendations? Never have been a fan of Sennheiser though.

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No i have not heard the pearls sorry.


Other great sounding iem's include


Earsonic's SM3

Westone 3 & 4 

Ortofone EQ7 

Shure se535

Ultimate ears TF10 

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All this time I thought my gel Supertips with the dimples in them the were defective! Never even tried those ones.confused_face_2.gif

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I bought them from amazon..not from a thrid party seller.. And they are deffinitely authentic. After I gave them a critical listen and a long burn in period, they sounded fantastic compared to lesser turbine models.

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@noelhu did you imply that the supertips were fake or just restating they were real? I was confused.

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Originally Posted by freddiethebass1 View Post

@noelhu did you imply that the supertips were fake or just restating they were real? I was confused.

He was restating your tips are real so do not worry about it ,as i said the second generation of gel supertips do have the dimples in them ,my set with the dimples was sent to me and many others on this site direct form head fi's resident Monster rep (member of the trade) and like i said the newer batch of turbine pro's have the latest version of gel tips which are really nice and fit properly and sound good.

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Thanks lucozade and everyone. 

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