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Originally Posted by TontonJoK View Post

I sent a message through the head direct site about my imbalanced he 400's issue 2 days ago.
Do you now a direct email adress or person at head direct where I can describe my problem ?
http://www.head-fi.org/u/292104/hifiman-us this one given by MattTCG is ok for my situation ?


It's weekend so they won't answer until Monday when they get into work.


This is the email I've always used to get in touch with their customer service guys:





Just send a simple email requesting a replacement, mention your transaction number etc, and the imbalance defect of course.

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Ok thanks Jerg
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I actually have the rev 2 and they sound just great beside the 2 db imbalanced bass difference, as I read a month or 2 ago they 've fixed the sibilance issue they add in the "rev3" what is a good thing
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How are you testing to come up with the 2db imbalance? 

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with my sound card when I adjust a +2db on the right channel, listening gets less frustrating

I can get use to a treble medium with a 2 db difference but not the bass, it s not hitting the same anyway that is why I going to send them back for fixing
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That's cool. I have no issue with using your ears to judge the imbalance. I'm a big believer in using your ears as barometer for judgement on much of this. Is it possible that the hp is not out of balance but that it could be you. Just asking here. 


Do you have other hp's that sound perfectly fine? Have you double check to be sure that all four tabs are securely in place? I had a tab out of place once and it caused me to think something was wrong. 

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I understand exactly what you're talking about and try to tell myself it's me, my perception, for the last 5 months...
But when I switch around the headphonesdoing a blind test I always find the wrong side

I don't get this feeling with my others headphones
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About the tabs I'll take a look, good suggestion
I am unscrewing the hp
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Also, try Sinegen. Jerg mentioned this...


Tried it with the Skullcandy SLYR I have for review, and the SLYR is balanced almost throughout the entire audio spectrum except in a very short area of the mids and another in the upper treble. Funny how the sound shifts balance in those two spots. They're very small areas, so I don't find it problematic. The HE400 had a considerably larger imbalance in the bass.
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not sure I have the right gear to open the driver, with those nuts
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Why are you opening it up? The tabs I mentioned were on the pads only. 

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yes ok l, i'm french , bad understanding...:rolleyes.gif
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No problem. Just be careful there. biggrin.gif

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yes wink.gif
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Hi, I'm a semi-basshead (teen), and I just need someone to confirm that these do NOT do well in a dorm setting because of the leakage/unportability (I will be walking around campus with these). Thanks.

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