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HIFIMAN EF6 Headphone Amplifier Pre-Order

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At the upcoming CES in Las Vegas in January, HiFiMAN will be introducing an all new reference headphone amplifier, EF-6. MSRP will be $1599 but until January 31, 2012, we are offering Head-Fiers special pre-order pricing of $1299. Save $300 by ordering by January 31.  EF6 is a hi-end headphone amp with very powerful output. EF6 can also work as a world-class pre-ampfilier. During previous two month, We made significant improvement on both sound quality and looking in the final EF6 headphone amplifier product.
Volume: Hand-made Step Attenuator
Power Supply Design: CLC filter
Weight: about 24 lb (10.75 Kg)
Size: 310 mm *330mm *105mm or 12.2'*13.0'*4.1'
THD: 0.03% (1w and 1KHz)
S/N: 95 DB
Max Output: Class A 5W at 50 Ohm
Shipping and Warranty
We will do shipping on the third or forth week of January 2012. 

Warranty Policy:
30 days refund: shipping cost is not refundable.
Lifetime free repairing: Customers will pay shipping cost.



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Hi Fang, nice looking amp. I see the speakers out are gone, will they be an option? Thanks.

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Hi Miguel, We decide to remove the speaker output because we got some negative feedback about it is not powerful enough. Although in our test it can provide as much output as most 300B amp. 


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Thanks for the information Fang, I asked because a speaker out would have helped those with an Stax Energizer box. Good luck, the amp looks awesome!

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