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Klipsch X10 problem??

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Hey guys,


Is it just me or that I have an issue with the amazon X10 set? I bought my first set and after few days of using the right channel just died. Sent it for RMA and meantime I bought another one and within a few hours later the same issue happened as well. I don't know is this a coincidence or what, but am I the only one facing this problem with the X10? I'm thinking is it due to headphone jack damaged or what so...

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Try RMAing it once more. Could be a pure coincidence. But they do look very fragile. 

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I had the same problem! I bought a pair and within weeks one was cutting out when I touched the jack. Then they totally died. I finally received my replacement set and a few days in they did the same thing. They're sending me new ones again now but I'm giving up on them. Just gonna sell them new in box and try something else. 

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I owned a pair of X10 and has similar issues. I personally think it might be the way these type of straight tube IEMs are designed.

Because it's straight so the strain relief (if any) might be harder to do its job right. 

My other straight tube IEM the ER4P also experienced similar cable issues.

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umm I dont think the X10i suffers of this known problem.

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I also think besides the design of the headphone, a huge portion of it is also directly related to end user's habit.


Some headphones are just more delicate than the others. I noticed alot of people use non sports IEM for running, jogging and working out. The exercise it self plus the sweat might easily seep through any gap and damage the phones.


On NYC subways you could also see daily commuters during rush hours getting their IEMS' cords tangled with other peoples bag straps, causing the phones to get pulled and tucked with sudden force.


Stronger build IEMS might be able to take more of these hits but the more delicate ones might just go out on one side after a few times.

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A little late to the thread but I thought I would post my experience.

I bought my X10's from Amazon last year. Recently I noticed the strain relief boots had split. I emailed Klipsch, sent a copy of my invoice and they issued an RMA. I sent the X10's back and they sent me a new set of X10i's. (I guess the X10 are discontinued.) One of the best warranty exchange experiences I have had. They must be aware pf the problem and it must be common.

Now my biggest problem is deciding to keep them or the brand new HF3's I just bought...
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