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For Sale: Ultrasone Pro 900

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For Sale:
Ultrasone Pro 900

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ultrasone Pro 900


I picked these up from a fellow head-fier in the summer. They are in excellent condition and from a non-smoking, no-pet environment. The shipment will include the original box, black Ultrasone case, both 1/4" coiled and 1/8" straight cables, and the Ultrasone CD/pamflet thing that comes with them.


I gave them 9/10 for condition because there are some small scratches on the shiny metal finish of the right cup, but otherwise they are in perfect condition. I will try to add an up-close photo of the cups to show these later, but they aren't too significant.


In addition to my feedback here I have 48 feedback at 100% on eBay, I can PM you the details if required. I will ship with insurance for the full value of the headphones. I'm located in Canada so fellow Canadians you will get no PayPal fees and cheap shipping! (~$15 insured if you go with regular speed)


Condition: 9/10

Price: US$280 + shipping

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sale pending

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still available

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How is the bass and the treble? And are you up for trade ins?

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The bass is really good. Not quite as deep or impactful as stock D2000, but cleaner in my experience. Kind of similar to DT990/600ohm. Treble was similar to stock D2000, no peakiness or sibilance to speak of which I liked.


I liked the Pro 900s for bass-driven music. I'm only selling because I have upgraded to LA2000s. At this price point I think the Ultrasones are a great choice for bass lovers. I would say get D2000s if you don't already have them and compare them to the Pro 900s and decide which sound character you like more. They both have their merits. DT990s are worth a try too, they have better mids than both D2000s and Pro 900s in my experience, although they're perhaps not as good in the bass department.


Regarding trades, unfortunately I just need cash right now.

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sent you a PM, I'm in Van

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