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Alternative to AKG K315

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Hey guys, I'm new here but I've been reading a lot of stuff here for years.


Now I know ear buds are not always recommended here but I absolutely cannot stand in-ears, they are just uncomfortable for me no matter how many I have tried (and I've tried many).


After many, many years of trying and searching, I discovered the sound that I absolutely love, and that is in the AKG K315.  I know people say that the bass is a mess and it's not clear, but that's exactly what I love about it.  I love that the bass is heavy, muddled there's a warm quality to it.  It's probably a weird taste but that really is what I need.


The problem is, they break.  A lot.  I've gone through at least 5 pairs in the past 3 years, mainly because I just throw them around and curl them around my ipod, phone and everything else.  Which really sucks because I just cannot find any other buds with the same sound.  Some people suggested Sennheiser mx560, which I bought and have been using for the past year and a half (I just gave up on replacing the AKGs every few weeks), but I just don't like the weak bass.  Though, they are durable, since they have endured the same wear and tear and are still working perfectly.


So is there something out there with the same sound as the K 315?  This has been bothering me for a long time now and I really hope someone can help me.  

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Just buy one of these:




You can get these earbud cases from Amazon from around $6 or from Eay from around $2.I guarantee you that it will prolong the life of your earbuds. I've got some more expensive earbuds, and for me these cases are necessary to store them in when I'm not using them.


As for earbud alternatives to the K315, I might have a few suggestions. Have you tried the Yuin PK3? It has got pretty good bass and a warm overall sound. You can find it from around $35 on Ebay (or cheaper if you check around).


There is also the Sunrise AS-Feeling which costs about the same as Yuin PK3. It has got very warm mids and mid bass. A bit too warm for me since it drowns out details, so I sold my pair. Still, you could try to find those.


There's also the new Sennheiser MX earbuds, with the MX580 which can be found for around $30. But perhaps the treble is too strong for you.


A new British company has started selling two earbud models called TFTA 1101 (high end) and 1200 (lower end), and they have very deep and strong bass. Unfortunately, the soundstage is VERY narrow and the sound is very boxed in.


You should start by trying out AKG K317. They get much better reviews than the K315. I've got the K319 and it's pretty good with a balanced overall sound. You will fast get used to the sound of new earbuds, and soon you might wonder whatever it was that you liked about the K315


You can check out this thread for reviews of some different earbuds:



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Wow, that was really useful, thanks a lot!!  I'll check those out as soon as I can and tell you what I think!  Thanks again

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You're welcome.


You can search on Amazon using the words "earbud" and "case" and on Ebay using the words "earbud", "hard" and "case". That should give you some options for cases.


About earbuds, just try a relatively cheap one, such as the Yuin PK3. I guarantee you that after a while it will feel like it is miles above the K315. My PK3 is pretty close to my AKG K319, but it costs just a a little more than a third of the price.

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