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DT770 Pro vs ATH-M50

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Hello head-fi! After lurking and researching your forums, I've managed to limit the wide array of options available to me to two highly recommended headphones in my price range -- the ATH-M50 and the DT-770 PRO by Audio-Technica and Beyerdynamic respectively.


I hear from some that a DT-770 pro is much better than the M50, however I've heard the same from the other side of the fence, but the majority of them just say they're the same, but just sound different. I would like to inquire as to what would best suit me.


My playlist entirely consists of indie rock, (modest mouse, the killers, etc) and I don't know what would be best for that type of music. Beyond this, I was wondering which is most comfortable? The Beyerdynamic seems to have massive earcups, but the ATH-M50 might only maybe cover my entire ear, I'd prefer it to cover my entire ear. I tend to sit down and listen to music for upwards of 3 hours a day at one time.


Beyond this, I was also curious about without an amp, which pair of headphones is superior? Which scales best with an amp/soundcard?


I greatly appreciate all help and feedback! 

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The Beyer DT770 is more comfortable, by quite a bit. It also has a bigger sound stage. It also has great isolation. It will do your genre very well.


You'll get more from the DT770 with a good DAC/AMP. Nothing crazy. A humble iBasso ZERO or FiiO E7 will easily fit the bill.


I say this as someone with both the M50 and the DT770 PRO. I easily pick the DT770 PRO over the M50. The M50 has one strength: durability (it's built like a tank) and it's foldability (it has 180 degree swivel cups and folds up). Otherwise, I pretty much enjoy the Beyer over it in every way. But this is merely my subjective take on the subject. I listen to music from 4 to 8 hours a day. The Beyer's comfort pulls through the entire session.


Very best,

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I have a very similar thread started, although I narrowed it down to just the DT770 Pro vs. ______. The above response is what I've been looking for; someone who owns both and has a preference between the two. So, thank you MalVeauX.

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