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Amp/ dac suggestions for Q701+RS325i

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Hello all, long time reader, first time able to afford a real set up(yippie!)


After trying out more headphones than i can recall now, i settled on two. the Q701, and the RS325i. They seem to cover all bases for my needs between them and withing my budget for two pairs. That said, i am a complete and utter noob when it comes to amps/dacs. So need some advice on where to proceed and what to purchase.


I've been doing a fair amount of research on the forums here and so far have been looking at the Audinist HUD-MX1 and the Yulong U100. I know these are not the cream of the crop or anything, but have heard they at least pair well with the above mentioned headphones. And both have USB option which is a must for me as i travel a lot on business with a laptop.


So my question is this. With a $400 max budget for both a dac/amp, are these likely my best choices? Does anyone have any other recommendations within my budget? And last, is there any good Dacs and Amps that combined would be hitting about this same price point?


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions from the community. This site has so far been a blessing in helping me move beyond entry level headphone audio and i hope to be able to contribute back whenever i can :)

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Hola Aidenag! Happy holidays!


I got my RS325is a year ago tomorrow and absolutely love them. I am currently living in Malaysia, with my hi-fi setup back in the States, so I am relying on my MacBook and Grados to help keep me sane. While I haven't tested many (read, any) other DACs, the one I currently am using is the NuForce uDac2.


It sounds great with the 325is, is smaller than a pack of playing cards, and it solidly built. Also, at $129, it seems to be a good bargain. Make sure you Midi Setup is set to output at 96Hz and 24bit, and you will be in a wonderfully dynamic and clean place. I know this isn't the peak of headphone amps/DACs, but its been good to me, and easy to transport.


Good luck, and please keep us up to date on how the search goes.

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