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Headphone Amp for q701/dt770

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I recently got the AKG q701's as my first high quality pair of cans, and all I can say is WOW. Never realized how much better these make everything sound. Although getting power from my iPhone isn't ideal. I also am currently looking to buy a pair of beyerdynamic dt770's. It's quite hard to find the 32ohm version so I probably will settle on the 80ohm version. Since the AKG q701's are 62ohm I will really have some trouble using the dt770's them off my iPhone as well. I usually spend most of the day around campus on the go (~5-6hrs) and usually get home to program on my desktop the rest of the day/nite.

It would seem to me the e7/e9 combo would be ideal. However, I have heard that the e7 lacks power for the AKG's and I would assume even less for the dt770's (in terms of a portable option). Or if someone could confirm the use of an e7 with the AKG's.

So, should I get just purely a portable amp or one with a desktop solution as well. I really don't want anything too big in my pocket. I wouldn't mind using the portable amp on my desktop either. 

I also have a Macbook pro and the sound on that sounds much much better than my iPhone. Although I have seen people seek a DAC/amp combo for that.

So I guess it boils down to:

I will be using the dt770's around campus since they are a closed set of cans. Using my iPhone as a primary source of power for them. At home could either use my Macbook pro, my desktop (would have to get a new sound card), or a possible desktop solution or DAC/amp combo. Or just a pure amp. Or pure portable amp.

Budget is ~$150

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You might want to look at the Objective2.  It won't quite fit in your pocket but it will run the 701s great from battery power if you want to.

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