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New RE0 Design?

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Hey guys,


I sent in my old RE0's for a replacement (the wire frayed near the plug), and my replacements arrived today. To my surprise, the ones I received in the mail were of a different design than the ones I sent in. I do know that there was a version of the RE0's older than the ones I sent in to be replaced, but I don't think that the ones I received were of that old type. Here are some pictures (forgive me for the poor quality):


Picture of the whole IEM.




Close up of the plug. It is a lot bigger than the old plug, and is angled at about 135 degrees instead of 90 like the old ones.




Close up of the drivers. The strain relief on the ones I sent in were perpendicular to the driver, but these are slightly tilted outward.




Close up of the strain relief. On the old RE0's, the L/R lettering was printed on, but on these they are raised rubber (R on base of strain relief).





I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but the cabling is also different. Instead of the rubbery cable used in the old ones, these are slick and plasticky. This means that the metal slidey bead thing above the Y-splitter is marginally more usable than the previous one (the rubber cable was kind of sticky), but still very tight. Microphonics are a little better with these, but still bad. The Y-splitter itself is made of plastic now, instead of metal.


For comparison, here is a link to a review with pictures of the same model of RE0 that I sent:


I've sent Head-Direct an email about this, and hopefully they'll respond tomorrow. I'll update the thread when they respond.


I'm burning these in, I'll comment on SQ later.


Update (12.27.11):


The RE0 rep emailed me back, and this was the reply:



We provide a  flexible rubber cable for the REO Actually the RE0 we are selling is the newest version. 

There are three different versions for the RE0:
1)  Oldest version: PVC plastic cable, very bad defective rate
2)  2nd version: fabric cable make much worse noise, and defective rate is still bad
3)  New version : PPE plastic cable and L shape mini plug. Better soundstage and much better  defective rate


I can't really comment on the soundstage as I don't have the old RE0 to compare with, but these do sound nice!

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It's the same as RE272's cable. Very good indeed.

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